May 19


Do You Stand Out On The Web? The Naked Originality Checklist For Conscious Entrepreneurs

By Adela Rubio

May 19, 2010

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Platform Expert

If you are not nakedly original, not one thing you learn at this event will matter. That’s the truth in a world with 50 million blogs in it. Hook up to your own Trusted Source and build a kick ass platform around that very special gift you alone can provide.Think of it as niching on divine steroids. The more spiritually grounded in your purpose it is … the more hooky, and nakedly original it becomes.

Suzanne will take you through a powerful checklist that helps you determine What you don’t know about your target market that’s hurting your bottom line Whether your brand is unique enough or not. The critical mistake almost all marketers make And why your business may be getting lost in the shuffle. Get seriously known for what you’re on earth to do, move directly into your next great work.

Suzanne Falter-Barns teaches coaches, authors, speakers and infopreneurs how to build platform and attract major media and publishers. After working with Suzanne, her clients have been called cold by CNN, Time, Sixty Minutes, PBS, Self, People and many other major media outlets. They’ve also been offered major publishing deals, and created successful six figure businesses. Suzanne has published two best selling self help books with the world’s biggest publisher, and has, herself, been featured in many major publications and in more than 100 radio and TV programs. She also has a 20-year history in marketing, promotion and journalism in New York City, including work with The New York Times Company, Hearst, and Conde Nast. She knows how major media and publishers think, and how to package your gifts most effectively to attract the biggest audience.

Naked Originality Checklist

Spiritual Pricing That Sells Survey. How to Set the Right Price in the Right Way So You Get What You’re Worth. Please take a quick moment to answer these ten quick questions, and let us know what you’re truly looking for. That way we can be of the greatest service TO YOU! And . . . as a thank you for filling out the survey, Suzanne will gift you with her 2hr audio series, Coming Out of Hiding.

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