December 21


Do You Feel the Call to Begin Again?

By Adela Rubio

December 21, 2015

If you're reading this I highly doubt you're caught up in the frenzy of the holidays. You might be more attuned to the inner stillness that whispers to your soul, or relishing the bliss and beauty all around you. It doesn't mean you don't ‘do darkness.' I'll venture you're intimate friends.

One of the gifts I've noted about my highly sensitive and highly aware friends is the ability to be the calm in the storm.  Perhaps it is because the dark night of the soul gives rise to love that liberates. It not only frees you. It frees others. I feel that freedom when we are gathered. It speaks to soul sovereignty and the creative essence of your being.

It brings me joy
to bring the light,
to bare the light,
to be a light.

How about you? If you're feeling the call of your inner rhythm and feeling the pulsating heartbeat of possibility, you're in tune with the promise of the Winter Solstice tradition. It's a time of rebirth, regrowth and renewal.

This time of year calls for a stillness, a paring away and baring to the core. It's the only way you'll know what's for you. It's the only way to figure out your next step. Are you ready to take the first step. That's all it takes to activate the Essence of what you want to bring into being.

I invite you to take that next step now …

The Transformative Power of Self Care

No one can dispute that these are deeply transformative times. Although my business has been on low vibe for 3 years now, the work has been front and center. One of the things that has been a repeated focus during this time of personal BIG Shifts has been self care. Self care mastery has proven to be a solid foundation for the massive changes I've experienced.

Self care started me on this path of deep transformation. In the summer of 2002 I completed my training as a Holistic Health Counselor at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, founded by Joshua Rosenthal in New York City. I made a major change in my world at that time. I sold my share in my family's health club business and quit. It tapped into my whole belief system on power and family, loyalty and self love. It was some of the hardest work I've ever done.

But I dove into healing as if I still had my corporate gig. I went all “A Personality” on healing. I spent $15,000.00 on about 7 different alternative healing modalities that summer. I discovered there was SO much to heal.

Here were my top two takeaways:

  1. The more I focused on healing the more I found to heal. It felt like an overwhelming task. Talk about doggie downer.
  2. When I was forgiving, compassionate, loving and peaceful with myself, everything else worked out.

I have lots of tools, techniques and experience to share on the elements to support your inner and outer care. That's what I'll share with you over the next 30 days. Self Care Mastery is essential for transformative times.

And here's the good news, there's no need for you to be on the transformation journey alone. As a matter of fact, isolation can actually handicap your progress.

Want to Experience Transformation with Ease and Grace?

Here's what I've discovered on the adventure of transformation . . .

Picjumbo - Viktor Hanacek

Change is graceful, even glorious, when you partner
with others on an aligned intention.

It doesn't even have to be the same intention, like losing weight, making money or healing a health problem. It could be as simple as the intention to boost your bliss or open to your innate gifts. As long as your intention is true, aligned with the forces of love and light, your experience is bound to be extraordinary.

I've hosted over twelve 30-day events over the past nine years and am always blown away by the power of an aligned and high vibing group. I am not alone in this. 1,000's of participants have shared the tremendous shifts they've experienced too.

Activate Your Sacred Journey

I’ve studied with a LOT of gurus, teachers and masters. I’m sure you have too. At some point the student is ready for the real rodeo … Life. The more I studied and apprenticed the more I began to understand the metaphors of ‘the Dark Night of the Soul’ and the ‘Hero’s Journey.’

The path is yours to walk.
In walking the magic occurs.

My world drastically shifted – in a beautiful and powerful way – when I moved from being a seeker of truth to living the truth I was already privy to. I've distilled my insights and am ready to share then during the next 30-Day Self Care Mastery Adventure.

Ready to Join the 30-Day Self Care Mastery Adventure?

Before I dive into the event details first let me explain what I mean by Self Care Mastery.

Self Care Mastery is being the co-creative agent of your life, knowing how to nourish your inner and outer aspects to bring into being the most vibrant version of YOU. You know the difference between being ‘lit up’ or ‘shut down.’ You prefer the former, yes? Once you have mastery of this aspect of your adventure, even when you’re feeling closed off you know how to tune in, to notice what's yours to shift and what's not.

Here’s my invitation . . .

Let’s partner for the next 30 days and explore the inner and outer aspects of self care. Why 30 days? It's a time tested format to effect change. Daily focused attention to creating a shift ensures movement in your world.

Weekday mornings I'll share a message to guide our daily exploration of self care. There will be weekly live calls, meditations, visualizations and exercises for those of you that want to fully dive in and explore. If you feel the call to connect with others to activate your movement, join my new Evolutionary Adventurers community on Facebook.

There is no fee for this event and no pressure to experience this collaboration in any way other than your own way. I'll suggest a format but you can follow the flow of what feels right. This is about trusting your inner compass and activating the dynamic force that lives within. I trust we'll be guided in a way that's authentic and true.


Change is an ongoing invitation to begin again. Let’s launch the next year with power and pizzazz. We start on Wednesday. See ya then.

Join the 30-Day Self Care Mastery Adventure …


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