December 11


Open to the Flow of Emotions

By Adela Rubio

December 11, 2008

Energy Shifts, Master Your Emotions, Master Your Energy

Next time you're mad, try dancing out your anger.” Sweetpea Tyler

The problem with anger, being mad, or any of those other emotions that aren't neat and tidy is the reluctance to experience them.

After all, any emotion is just energy seeking movement. It's actually potential in movement and so the first step is just to engage it. Notice it, be with it, commune with it. Let it reveal itself to you. Don't assume that you ‘know' what's going on. Often that is just the habitual surface stuff.

Plumb the depth, feel the feeling . . . know that at the core of you, you are untouched and totally available always. Nothing can shut you down or close you up unless you choose not to feel.

That's the kicker. In order for the energy of emotion to shift into its potential it must be engaged and experienced.

Open to the flow . . .

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