August 15


How to Unleash Your Creativity (Even When You Feel Stuck)!

By Adela Rubio

August 15, 2019

What if creativity is not an environment-dependent phenomenon or reliant on the haphazard visitation of your Creative Muse? What if the things that hold you back are the key to discovering how to soar?

All of life is a creative adventure, isn't it? There are things you want, barriers to your getting it, and how you get there. That last piece is where we often focus our creative energy. Often, when there's no movement we still batter away at that last piece thinking we haven't found ‘the way' yet.What if the challenge is not ‘the way?' What if something is off in the first two – your desire and the barrier to its fulfillment.

Limiting Beliefs Stifle Your Creativity

The Wild Creatrix Cafe call with Michelle Hillier dealt with the second element, the barrier to its fulfillment. Those barriers are also known as limiting beliefs. The sooner you become aware of them the quicker you can address them.Everyone has limiting beliefs. It's one of those things you pick up along the way. Once you know what they are, and address them, you access the sparkling field of your creative essence. This is the playground of The Wild Creatrix.We had a wonderful cafe session with Michelle. She reveals how creativity arises with ease and certainty once you move past the external voices that have become internalized as limiting beliefs. She also shared a 3-step process to identify and address your limiting beliefs so that your creative essence is available as needed and lead us through a guided visualization to unleash your creative essence.

In our conversation you'll discover that creativity is not a hit or miss adventure. Creativity  can be unleashed by uncovering the limited beliefs that tether your creative soul and reclaiming your innate creative essence.

3 Steps to Identify and Address Your Limiting Beliefs

Here's a process that Michelle recommends for reclaiming and rewriting those limiting beliefs:

  1. 1Write down all your limiting beliefs.
  2. 2For each one, name a time when you've overcome that limiting belief, or experienced someone else overcome it.
  3. 3List all the positive outcomes from stepping beyond that limiting belief.

We didn't have time to go into great detail about this process. I'm sure Michelle digs in a bit more when leading a client through it. I would add that once you've identified your limiting beliefs, you hone in on the ones that are keeping you from something  you really want . Find the one where you are traipsing on a tightrope of desire and fear. That's the most relevant one right now. That's the one popping with possibility!

Call Highlights

  • How to dance in the dynamic tension of being who you really are and connecting with others
  • The distinction between beliefs and facts
  • The two primary limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • How to quickly break out of the conformity of fitting in to standing out
  • How discomfort is a positive sign on the pathway to your creative activation

Audio Replay

Michelle guides us through a visualization at 22:18.

Wild Creatrix Cafe - Michelle Hillier

Michelle Hillier is a breakthrough coach who helps clients transform their lives through coaching, online courses, and workshops. She is also an author, and NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner. Her mission is to help others tailor their lives based on their dreams and not their limitations. 

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Are you ready to tailor your life based on your dreams and not your limitations? You have everything you need within you to make powerful changes – you just need the keys to unlock them. Unleash your inner magician and transform your current reality into a life you’ve always dreamed of.

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