Welcome to our 30-day Creative Project Launch. I'm excited about the projects you'll bring and how much we'll get done!

The content will be posted to an ecourse in the members area. That will be available shortly.

In the meantime, join the private FB group below. You can post your questions and we can get started right away.

Let's Get Stuff Done!



  • 12pm - 1pm ET, Tuesdays, Mar 4 to Mar 24.
  • Meet on Zoom.


  • 12pm - 1pm ET, Tuesdays, Mar 31 to May 5.
  • Meet on Zoom.

Creative Project Launch Modules

Module 1: Project Concept

Get clear on the what you are creating. Determine your model and map out a plan to create your project. You can't move to the next step until you know where you are and where you want to go. Determine what you need to implement to ensure your success.

Module 2: Position Your Project

Focus on the specific outcomes your project will create for your audience. Articulate why you are the perfect person to take them there and how you will deliver an extraordinary experience.

Module 3: Promote Your Project

Get solid on your marketing copy. Create the basic promotional materials that you will use to share about your project with your potential audience. We'll explore the 4 types of marketing materials you'll need to share your project like a pro.

Module 4: Produce Your Project

Sometimes the production of your project comes after the promotion. It depends on the project. For example, a live event will be produced as you host it. The promotion comes first in this example. Whether you're producing an ebook, event, or ecourse, this is the piece that needs to get planned out. Determine the topic outline that will create the outcome you have promised on your promotional copy.

Module 5: Plan Your Project Launch

Set your launch date and map out your launch event. Will you host something leading up to the actual launch date - an event, blog post/video series? Can you find partners that are willing to help you get the word out? Will you use FB Ads? How will you drive traffic to your project?

Here's How It Works


Step 1 - Review the content in the current week's module.

Watch the videos, use the checklists and worksheets. 


Step 2 - Attend the weekly Q&A call.

Once you've done the lessons in each module, come to the Q&A call with your questions (or submit them prior to the call) to complete that step in the process.


Step 3 - Use the FB Group for support.

Post your questions and share your progress between calls. We'll get a lot more done when you address the places where you're stuck. We can easily get you moving again but you have to post when you hit those spots. We all have them!

Do This Next ...

Join the Creative Project Launch FB Group

This is the spot to post questions, share what you're up to, and get feedback on your project.

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