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Create a Lean Vision Board

Vision boards have been a part of my yearly wrap-up for ages, along with writing practices and yearly vision mapping events. The creative in me yearns to envision what's possible before I sit down to map out a plan. It's the juice that fuels my vision and propels me into action.

I usually start percolating ideas around October. I write down as the muse delivers her gems. The more I pay attention, the more informed my choices. I regularly write and refine, write and update, write and tweak.

Once December rolls around I am deeply enmeshed in the vision process. I invoke the new that wants to come through and I listen. I take lots of notes.

Then, I'll host an event to guide myself and others through the visioning process, create a vision board, and an action map.

Less is More (When Creating a Vision Board)

how to ceater a vision board

Over time I have learned that crowding up my vision board with wants and needs just sent me into a swirl. I used to do vision boards with magazine clippings and glue on oaktag sheets. I have even created digital vision boards. If you're new to creating a vision board you might want to check out, 3 Ways to Create Your Yearly Vision Board.

A better focus has been to hone in on what's essential, clarify it by creating an actual map, then move with the creative forces throughout the year as my vision evolves. I have streamlined my process to an almost minimalist approach.

Create a Vision Board in 4 Steps

vision board - less is more

The more that time passes the more I realize that less is more. I'm not interested in cluttering up my life with lots of things to do. The pull these days is a solid and sweet state of being, moving along with the river of Life, feeling the current pull me to my next destination. It doesn't mean I don't have goals or objectives. I do. The rhythm, however, is different.

Here's the lean approach to creating a vision board for creatives who are enmeshed in the creative flow of Life. Before you do anything, sit with your vision for a few minutes. Then take 2-3 minutes to capture as much of your vision on paper.  When you're done writing, scan your writing and pick 4 focus areas where your vision is calling you.

I picked up all my Vision Board supplies at my local Walmart for less than $20. That includes: corkboard tiles, metallic pens, index cards, push pins, post-it notes, and page markers. You may already have some of these supplies on hand. ) Now you're ready to dive into creating your lean vision board.

Step 1. Put Up Your Board

These cork board tiles took less than 5 minutes to put up. Don't worry about putting up too much there's not enough room! Use ONE tile per life area that you want to create a vision around.

2. Write Down Your 4 Focus Areas

create vision board - write down your vision

Use your writing to flesh out your 4 focus areas. You might start off with 6 or 7 areas. That's okay. Put them at the center of each corkboard tile. If you have more than 4 areas pair them up on a related topic tile. Step 3 will help clarify your areas even more.

As an example, my four focus areas are (1) Personal, (2) People, (3) Play, and (4) Projects. You can use these or create your own.

3. Map Out Your Vision for each Focus Area

vision board - map out your vision

I use different colored metallic pens, post-it notes and page markers. The push pins/corkboard combo allows me to move things around. The vision will evolve. This lean vision board makes it easy for the corresponding actions to shift.

  • Determine OUTCOMES for each focus area. Let's say in my PLAY area I want to travel. I'd put down trip to Argentina. Write on post-it notes and put on board around focus area.
  • Determine ACTIONS for each outcome. Set target travel dates, ask friend to be travel buddy, research airfares and AIR bnbs in Argentina. Write on post-it page markers and put on board around each specific outcome.
  • Identify QUALITIES/ENVIRONMENTS that support each action. For example, having a travel buddy will help me follow through and taking some local adventures will help increase my adaptability. These are sure to enhance and support my goal of traveling in a foreign country. Write these on post-it page markers and put on board around each specific action.

4. Sit with Your Vision Regularly

vision board - meditate

To enhance the odds of your vision coming to life nourish it regularly. Sit with it in the morning and the evenings. ​Life is not static and neither is your vision board. Engage it regularly and let your inner wisdom help shape the direction of where your heart wants to go.

This lean vision board approach helps you focus on what matters most AND encourages you to be flexible and fluid so that you can fine-tune your vision throughout the year. I do this every year and it is graceful and grand, serendipitous and surprising. It's also loads of fun!

I'm hosting a 7-day Vision Board Live event later this week to support you in creating a dynamic and lean vision board. Join us by registering below.


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