October 8


Craft Your BIG Shifts Vision

Can you feel the rapid devolution of the world that was and the arising of a new one? Planet Earth is at a critical choice point. The breakdown of the old is creating rifts in everyday reality and we are running out of time patching up the archaic systems. The old ways of being no longer work. Are you ready to create the new?

We can't wait out millennia for evolution to move us into a new way of being. We need to accelerate evolution. Planetary change begins with personal change. That means you, darlings!

Transformation begins in your own zip code.

This an opportunity for you to experience the dance of awakening in co-creative community. It's an invitation to awaken the wisdom that lives within every one of us.

Let's focus on the flow of your sparkle, the wonder of your wow, and your unique way to experience the bounty of Life. Whether it’s your business or your body, your relationships or your money, the call to wake up, to let go of the old and create the new is here.

Together we'll make magic, the kind that matters. I’ve gathered a transformation team because this is a party not to be missed.

On our call below, Jodi Lily, Intuitive Consultant, shares how this is an especially auspicious time – the Full Moon Eclipse – to make a shift. Members of our Transformation Team also shared ‘the one thing they wouldn't leave home on a BIG Shifts Adventure.' We also explored a guided journey to release the old and invite the new Vision wanting to come into being.


1. Spend more time noticing. Take bliss breaks throughout your day and notice your breath, notice your body, notice how you feel, notice your environment, notice others, notice what you don't notice. Make it a game. Imagine you’re on a real adventure, in a new land, and curiously notice everything.

2. Record your experiences. Buy a journal, record your insights on your phone, do a video journal. Capture your thoughts, feelings and experiences during our time together. Writing is one of the ways in which we capture our experiences and recognize the opportunities to shift. In this way, you can craft experiences that are more aligned with your intentions.

3. Connect and Share. Don’t do it alone. Transformation is much more graceful in the company of aligned community. Join the Evolutionary Adventurers Facebook Group and be in the transformation conversation. You'll also get feedback and support on your journey.

4. Be In Your Body.  Every day move in ways that bring you joy, that might look like a mini-walk or a dance break. It could also be 5-10 minutes of sitting eyes closed and noticing your in breath and out breath. Take action where there is flow, otherwise enjoy the inner movement.

Enjoy the Visioning Call recording below and post your intentions: What's your BIG Shift focus for the next 30 Days?


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