January 17


Consciousness Catalyst

By Adela Rubio

January 17, 2008

Consciousness, Evolution

The goal is to move from a self-centered interest in transformation and enlightenment to one that ultimately transcends it completely. To where one's interest is really no longer for one's own liberation but in becoming a catalyst for the evolution of consciousness itself. Andrew Cohen

Ah, yes!! This is the Beyond Personal. It's not the ‘all about me' song anymore. We've opened our repertoire to a more sophisticated syncopation . . .it's ‘all about we.'

You KNOW this interconnection to be TRUE because you have directly experienced it. It has moved from belief to being.

In BEING the transformative essence, you ripple this experiential knowing into everything. You are a pulsating presence of your TRUE nature, fully aware of the streams of creation.

Rock on!

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