June 22


Conscious Evolution: How to Move From Inspiration to Activation

By Adela Rubio

June 22, 2009


The present moment is a portal where potential beckons and the impulse to begin anew weaves itself into the very core of your being. No matter what spot on this dot you call home, you will find yourself magnetically pulled into a stream of possibility and movement as the energy of what's now and what's new ushers in. There are a multitude of waves and frequencies in this stream of potential, you have plenty of choices. Check in right now and notice . . . At what level are you willing to engage the the possibility that presents itself now?

How about if instead of making resolutions, goals, and action plans you focused instead on the heartbeat of your inner authority? What if you started building yourself up, instead of tearing yourself down? What if you owned the magnificence of who you really are, not who you’ve settled to be? What if you looked at every challenge as a possibility that leads to more of you for ALL?

What if you invoked your ability to move with life, instead of against it?

We are creational beings by nature. You can choose to play with that energy and partner with it or you can be in resistance to it. It will be a very unpleasant trip. Life is always on offer. A new opportunity is available here and now! When you eagerly step into the play of possibility you become part of a collective force of power and light for the evolution of it ALL.

Your willingness to experience this dance of energy, and being the vessel for its unique expression, is THE way of evolution. You are IT and IT is you! We are all a part of a  connective weave of creation. It is in this movement, this conscious concert, that we sing up a storm! Step up for the biggest, most expansive potential and you amp up your ability to move the energy in a way that evolves everyone, everything, in all ways. Your individual choices evolve All of life! You are the force for transformation on the planet.

It doesn’t mean you won’t get a workout and that stuff won’t happen, but you will be different with it. You will sense the energy, you will know when to move, what to say, what to do. When to say Yes, No or not now.

I have been engaging this way of being actively for a while and it has turned my world on its ears. Life is an adventure and even the mundane impulses, ideas, and inspirations that pepper my moments are transformed into meaning and magic.

Planetary Evolution Starts in Your Own Zip Code!

Your mind is filled with lots of old thoughts. It's full of programmed thoughts from other people, too. Now is the moment you’ve been searching for. It’s the only space that sparkles with the vibrant energy of transformation. The time is now to check in and rid yourself of the flotsam and jetsam of old beliefs and ways of being. This is what evolution is all about.

  1. Check in With the Energy and Choose! What if you became the authority in your own life? What if you were driven by your internally expanded essence vs external influences and factors? I’ve read enough books, attended enough workshops and seminars and trained with enough masters to get that nothing shifts until WE do. Shifting is not a spectator sport. You need to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, be thigh high thick in it! This is how you figure out the ‘what am I here to do’ piece. You step into what you know and then you step into the next piece and the next and so on.
  2. Be Impeccable With Your Environments – All of Them. This step can be quite extensive and yet even a small change will create quantum shifts. Check in with the 3 major aspects of your life – your personal, your community and your connection to All That Is. Are these areas aligned optimally for you to step into your biggest BIG right now? Whether it’s decluttering your home, implementing a self care program or upgrading your friendships, line it up and watch the transformations unfold.
  3. Make it Real! It’s all fine and dandy to read energy alerts, chat on discussion lists and read the lastest consciousness expert. However, it doesn’t become real by talking about. It’s not real if it’s not in physicality. You are the only one that can bring your particular flavor of nirvana to the world by choosing to BE it. Identify a cause and champion it. Start your own movement! One person can change the planet. People are doing it every day, why not you?

Conscious evolution invokes the letting go of identities, external power, outdated belief systems and a transition to a state of being where you presence from your inner authority, and flow elicits the next response and organically moves you into the next piece of your play. When this happens, the energy fields shift and the cosmic forces ripple into your world. And so it is.

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