July 3



By Adela Rubio

July 3, 2005


I know clarity right now
It is present in my every moment.
It is a door waiting to be opened.
It is a song that echoes from the depths of my being.
It is the touch that embraces everything.
It is the scent that evokes memories of long forgotten desires.
The bells and chimes ring through my very world
Awakening and beckoning me further.

I know clarity right now.
It is present in my every moment.
It shows up in a humorous email.
In my egg splattered kitchen, as I cherish my forgetfulness.
It is in Yahoo messenger when friends call me out to play.
It is there when my dear ones call me energetically.
It is in my heart when I feel alone and the universe succors me.
Connecting and embracing my ever evolving nature.
It calls, it pauses . . . A long awaited sigh escapes, “I am here.”

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