November 9

Circle Chat with Teresa O’Neill


When I put out the call for interviews with my writing circle community, Teresa O'Neill, was one of the first to say, “Yes!” We've written together in writing circles for 10+ years. It illustrates the staying power of relationships created in a writing circle practice.

Enjoy! It's about 16 minutes.

Call Highlights

  • Writing Circles are a sacred experience
  • Trust in your creative power expands
  • Get out of your own way to access creative flow
  • You have a spectrum of fullness (It's ALL good!)
  • The gift of seeing one another
  • You can renegotiate ANY agreement
  • Feedback helps you see more of yourself
  • Leading a circle deepens your capacity to trust your gifts
  • Making peace with the present moment

About Teresa O'Neill

Teresa is a trained professional coach (CPCC) and though she's retired she maintains a scaled-back coaching practice. Today her days are fueled by her love of being active outdoors (skiing, hiking, and more). She is committed to her writing circle, where she leads and follows. Her creative joy is poured into her latest project of custom-made greeting cards. You can follow her on Instagram and feel the love.

There is so much wisdom and brilliance in each one of us if only we're given an opportunity to share it. Join us in the writing circle.


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