June 25


Celebration of Being

By Adela Rubio

June 25, 2009

BIG Shifts

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and achievements are moments marked for celebration. These events are littered throughout the year as times to honor and commemorate ‘special occasions.' However, when celebrations are engaged from a surface level they drain vs energize you. This is a clear indication that you are not lined up with what alivens you, that you have disconnected from the juicy essence that is your being.

What if your very BEING was a celebration? What if YOU were just like a fragrant flower, a stunning sunrise or a majestic mountain? What if celebration, at a deeper level, was really about the energy of BEING life?

A common misperception is deriving your value and worth from the things that you do or have. Wherever you go there you are and eventually you come to know the only thing of TRUE value is your essential self. Whether it's a loved one, money or your favorite outfit, everything comes and goes in the sea of constant change that is ‘reality.' Being life is uniquely unleashing your energy so that your DOing arises from your BEing. It is opening the gateway to your natural intelligence, beauty and ecstasy.

Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary. To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable. That's why you look too tired, because misery is really hard work; to maintain it is really difficult, because you are doing something against nature. Osho

How do you come to know and celebrate the beauty of your being? Explore the tips below and notice how easily your true splendor and everyday celebration spring to life:

  1. Experience your OWN beauty. Take a moment when you first wake up to look at yourself naked in a full length mirror. Breathe, relax and expand your energy inwardly and outwardly. Soften your gaze and make eye contact with yourself. Notice your interconnection to the energetic weave of life and the alivening energy that permeates your being. Scan your entire body, with your inner and external vision, and feel your body lighten and aliven until the energy of ecstasy is spilling from your every pore filling the spaces inwardly and outwardly. Feel the energy of this ecstasy ripple effortlessly throughout your being and out into the very cosmos.
  2. Partner with the natural world. Go to your favorite natural playground – forest, ocean, mountain, back yard – and bask in the energy of life all around you. Energetically superconnect and feel the pulsation of life that permeates everything. Be WITH it. Tune into your sensing and notice how your awareness and experience shifts as you extend yourself into life all around you. Know that you imbue life with your energy just as it infuses you with its splendor.
  3. Celebrate throughout your day. Take a moment to notice what is alive and wanting to be ‘noticed' by you. In your seeing the beauty around you, you make it come alive. It doesn't matter whether it's a rock or a rolls royce, your engagement of it organically creates presence and consciousness. Celebration is an alivening act and gratitude and joy are natural by-products.
  4. Reinvent your celebrations. If birthdays, baby showers and barbeques don't feel vibrant and you're doing them because you should, question whether to cancel or catalyze them. Sometimes it's just a matter of creating something more in alignment with who you are today and not following a family or cultural tradition by default. Your celebrations should have your unique flavor and make you come alive with the energy of YOU and of Life.

The energy of celebration is an alivening that anchors your focus on what’s TRUE about you. Your being is sourced and sparked by pleasure, passion and ecstasy. Open to the beauty of YOUR being and the joy and vibrance in your world will increase easily and exponentially. Life then becomes a moment to moment Celebration!

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