December 18


Celebrate Your 3 Circles of Gratitude

By Adela Rubio

December 18, 2013

The Gratitude Project

No matter how enlightened you feel, there will be times of disconnection and darkness. If you find yourself in an energy down swing, and you don't have your gratitude tools with you, it's helpful to have some wherever, whatever tools to tap into your gratitude groove.

Here's a simple energy technique that I use that exhilarates and expands my state of being. It can do the same for you. Remember to suspend disbelief – just like you do in the theatre or movies – and feel yourself as the pulsating possibility of Life:

1. Take a power stance. Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, shoulders relaxed and focus on your in breath and out breath. Close your eyes if it helps you be more present to the flow of energy in your body. Notice the in flow and out flow. It happens as a matter of course. You are animated and alivened by Life, through the vehicle of your breath. Notice the energy that rides on that in flow and out flow of breath. Feel the bridge between the mundane and the magical realms. Walk onto it until you find yourself on the spot adjoining worlds.

2. Celebrate your circle of self. Feel an energy vortex arising out of your deepest sourced realms and going beyond your body forming a circle of self beingness. See and feel your gifts, talents and abilities and how you touch and impact others. Feel the spiraling of your energy as a blessing and a boon, gifting people and places, moments and experiences with the moreness of you. Because YOU are here – just like in the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, Life is more.

3. Celebrate your circle of partnership. Feel an energy vortex arising out of your deepest sourced realms and going beyond your body forming a circle of partner beingness. See and feel the people and passions that you partner with on a moment to moment basis. This includes your family and friends, colleagues and neighbors. See how your being and seeing others brings them more into their lightness and knowing. You are a gift to those who commune with you on a regular basis.

4. Celebrate your circle of community. Feel an energy vortex arising out of your deepest sourced realms and going beyond your body forming a circle of community beingness. Notice how this circle extends beyond the timeline of here now. It includes angels, ascended masters, and ancestors, as well as your day to day community at work, worship and play. Feel, sense and know how each of these circles impacts the next, rippling goodness and gifts, awakening and awareness. Feel the dance, relish the dance, be the dance!

This simple energy technique takes minutes at first. You can invoke it instantaneously as you become more practiced. Feel yourself as the interconnecting points of these 3 circles of gratitude throughout your day. You're bound to invoke the magic more easily.

Make it so!

Image: Violscraper, Boreas

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