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Create a Graphic Headline for Your Sales Page

Your headline is the MOST important thing to consider when marketing on the web. It’s the make it or break it element on your sales page. If you don’t have a kick butt headline, chances are that the rest of your copy won’t get read, and your readers won’t even make it to your offer. […]

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It’s Official!

We’re half way through the year… Are you where you planned to be in your business? I know it’s summer, but if you’re planning on hitting the ground running in the Fall you need to map out your list building events NOW! I recommend to my students that they plan their virtual events – Telesummits, […]

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Do You REALLY Want to Host an Internet Radio Show?

Targeted radio shows that drive traffic to your website are a great visibility tool. But that means you’re a guest on radio shows, not a host. If you are looking to build your list, and boost your niche authority, there are better ways to invest your time and energy. But first let’s understand why you […]

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How to Create a Quote Graphic and Share Your Message

You see these everywhere, don’t you? They’re on Facebook, Pinterest, and even on websites. It’s an inspiring quote with an image that evokes the invitation you’re making to your readers. Here on the left is one that I posted to Facebook this morning. Here’s what you may not realize: Pictures tap into the most primeval […]

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The Language of Energy and Achievement

Praise, appreciation, and compliments are good stuff, right? Well according to leadership coach and author,  Mattison Grey, that’s not necessarily true. As conscious entrepreneurs and “people people” we pride ourselves on helping others. We spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what to say to people and how to say it […]

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Find Your Magnetic Niche

The internet has created an educated consumer with a staggering number of choices of where to invest time and attention, energy and money. How will YOU connect with the folks you’re here to serve if you haven’t honed in on who they are? If you haven’t spelled out who you serve and what you help […]

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Four Reasons People Fear Niches and How to Get Over It

Guest Blog Post by Cindy Schulson, from Attract Your Niche. Cindy is our guest over at the Enlightened Listbuilding Cafe on Jan 10, 1pm ET. Register, and you’ll also get access to the live call and replay. If the word “niche” is a dirty word for you or you’re just sick of hearing about it, […]

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