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How Correcting 3 Common Mistakes Increased Sale 86%

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the message we most want our customers to hear gets lost in a sea of superlatives. The marketer within us takes over and, before we know it,  the core focus of the Web page, brochure or flyer becomes blurred. Let me assure you of one thing . . .  if […]

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6 Reasons Why a Kindle Book is Good For Your Business

Have you ever dreamed of being an author? Let’s face it, times have changed, and if you have a message – and one of the ways you share your message is writing – then it’s a PERFECT time to publish your own book. Today you can publish your own book and become an author. Publishing […]

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Get TWO “Trust Your Heart” Kindle Books

My friend Marnie Pehrson, of Idea Marketers, is giving away TWO Kindle books between today, August 3rd, through Sunday, August 5th. Marnie distilled and compiled the wisdom of 38 successful entrepreneurs (including myself) and is GIVING it away so you can transform your own ideas into income. Get the Kindle versions of her two #1 Bestselling […]

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Package and Position Your Pizzaz

Do you know what it is about you that rocks the world? I’m not talking about your skills and talents, or even your innate gifts. I’m talking about your Essence. It’s that spark of the creative cosmic juices flowing through you. It’s that infinite lightness of being that catches fire, awakening that trueness in another. […]

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How to Jazz Up Your Blog Post With Images

One of the easiest ways to make your blog posts more engaging, and readable, is to add images. I like to use images that illustrate the pain or the promise of the topic I’m exploring. Often I will use some of the keywords in my blog post as my starting point to search for images. […]

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your List

Your email list on the surface is a list of first names and email addresses. But at the core, your email list is made up of people. They’ve subscribed to your list, because you’ve offered them something valuable… something they want.  It’s also about the experience you create. There are many things to consider when […]

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The #1 Reason Most Change Agents Never GET to the Big Vision

It is easy to think you can’t make a difference. Especially if you start thinking of ALL the things that stand in your way. And THAT is the biggest obstacle to your success, focusing on the problems instead of the possibility. What if you moved through the world embodying your strengths and sharing your brilliance? […]

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Discover Your Tribe’s HOT Topics with a One-Question Survey

Offering your newsletter as your giveaway is not the BEST way to build your list anymore. Today’s savvy internet visitor is focused and on the move. In less than 20 seconds, you need to grab their attention. But… how do you do that? A One-Question Survey is one of the easiest market research tools! This […]

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