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Find Free Stock Photos Fast!

Are you chasing down free stock photos when you’re ready to publish and promote? One of my favorite things to do is find amazing images on free stock photo sites. Visual marketing is a key piece of getting your message out and it’s a great way to make your posts more interesting and drive traffic […]

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Automatic Video Creation in 3 Easy Steps

Does video creation seem like too much work? Do you shy away from the talking head videos (the ones where YOU are on camera)? Do you find the whole process too complex and convoluted? I’ve got a techy side but I’ll admit to dragging my feet on video creation, until now.  Here’s how to create […]

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How To FIND and USE Your Kindle Highlights for Inspiration

How many books have you read on personal development, spiritual wisdom, and business growth? Have you ever had a tremendous insight while reading, highlighted the passage and then completely forgot about it? Would you like a tool that helps you retain and recall that wisdom so you could put more of it into practice? If your […]

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3 Ways to Build Community Online (and Grow Your Business)

There are many ways to find customers and clients online, but nothing beats building a community of people who know you and love your work. Finding new customers for your programs, products and services is exhausting and expensive. It’s also not a sustainable long term strategy. Building relationships with people you serve brilliantly is hands down […]

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5 Kinds Of Graphic Quotes To Generate Free Traffic

Graphic quotes are one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of potential subscribers and customers. You know the benefits of using visual content to promote your business, yes? If not check out my blog post, How to Use Visual Content to Market Your Business. I also shared how to create one of the […]

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