August 11


Bring Abundance to Life

By Adela Rubio

August 11, 2011

Wild Abundance

Have you ever worried yourself sick, imagining a worse case scenario, and found that it never came to pass? After the fact, you came to realize that what you assumed to be true, wasn't.

In much the same way, you might find that cash flow problems are a presenting symptom of a much deeper cause.

When you dig down way beyond the surface level of money woes and cash crunches, quite often the root cause is this feeling of ‘not enough.' Not enough time, money, know how, experience, connections… fill in your unique flavor of ‘less than.' The more you focus on what's missing, the less ability you have to tap into your infinite flow, creating a self fulfilling prophecy of ‘not enough.'

Here's the thing, chances are that your energetic imprint around money and flow are not even yours. They're probably beliefs and ideas that were passed on, albeit unwittingly, by your early training and conditioning. You can probably trace recurring money themes down your family tree!

Truth cannot be transferred, truth cannot be handed over to you by somebody else, because it is not a commodity. It is not a thing, it is an experience. Osho

Take a moment to jot down the first three thoughts that occur to you about money. Are they empowering thoughts? Do they expand your sense of well being? Or, are they beliefs that constrict your joy and create a limited sense of self?

If abundance is not flowing in your world, chances are you're locked into a paradigm of illusion. Life is naturally abundant. Take a hint from nature. No sooner do some plants die than others rise in its place. Have you ever noticed a plant pushing through concrete? Life's dynamic force is just as powerful.

Make the choice to take responsibility for what you are creating in your world. Invest the time to pull those thoughts, just like weeds, from your abundant garden. The money imprint you inherited is not your fault, your choice to continue to give it life is.

Choose to BE abundance!

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  1. This is so true!

    I was coaching a client about this earlier today. She has been focusing on the lack of business/clients/assignments rather than the business/clients/assignments she wants to attract.

    But focusing on what you want, rather than the lack of it, can be a really difficult concept for most people to grasp.

    1. Suzanne, so true! That’s why I like community events to experience the shift. Then you have it in your body. Then it’s yours. It gets you out of the intellect and into the experience. That’s where you come to ‘know.’

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