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Boost Your Gratitude: Ask and Receive


Do you ever feel exhausted from all your giving? Ever wondered, deep down inside, what about me? When will it be my turn to be showered with love, attention, and goodies?

One of the reasons you may not be noticing the abundance in your world might be that your flow is more out than in. You might be more practiced in giving than receiving. This is especially true with women, or if you're in a caregiving role. And though it feels wonderful to give, it is unbalanced to only be the giver.

Check-in right now and see if this is you. Do you always turn up with a gift in hand? Are you always the one who volunteers to do the extra stuff? When someone needs help are you readily available to lend a helping hand?

When you're used to being the giver it can be downright uncomfortable to receive. As a matter of fact you may find few opportunities to receive because you've trained others so well to see you as the giver. In that case, you'll need to flex your asking muscles. Now is the perfect time to gift others with the opportunity to shower you with goodness.

Here are 3 simple steps to get you into the ask and receive flow:

1. Ask for help. Don't make it complicated, keep it simple. Asking is just like a muscle you have to flex lightly at first. You can start off with simple requests and build up to bigger ones. For example, if you're used to doing all the clean up after dinner at home you might start off with, “Can you help me clear the table?” In your business, you might start off by asking your friends on social media to share a post.

2. Let go of the how. Once you ask, let go of how the help is executed. You may have a very particular way in which you clear your table. It's more important to allow the goodwill to flow and the help to be delivered. Often you'll be surprised at how you might incorporate other methods into your own.

3. Appreciate the giver. A simple thank you, while gazing into the eyes of your gift-giver is perfect. Sincere acknowledgment can be such a rarity in today's world. It's the most precious and abundant exchange you can gift your giver. If an in-person thank you is not possible, then a short thank you note will suffice. Make sure to infuse it with the energy of your appreciation.

When you are open to receive you actually gift others with the blessing of giving. You also align with universal principles that recalibrate your being. It is good to give and to receive. Make it so and let it flow!

Ask and receive through our guided journey …

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  1. Of course, I smiled as I read this post because of the caregiver energy. That was one where I found myself asking, “What about me? What about the caregiver?” There were those who automatically knew to ask how I was doing and to take care of me. I give thanks for those that were sensitive enough.

    Then I thought of all those years of giving in the realm of women’s empowerment, groups, consultations, readings, energy work, dancing, ritual, events, radio shows, circles, research and then some!

    In September, something happened to make me stop on my forward motion and I took stock of my life, where I am, where I’ve been and where I enjoy being. I give thanks for the awareness, the revelation and it feels so darn good!!!

    Being grateful, really grateful for all that is in my life has brought so much more joy to the surface. YES!!! Thank you for your brilliance Adela!

    1. Thanks for leaving your light on this page, Tonya! It can be quite challenging to shift this energy of give/receive, and yet, when you are willing to ask and receive it increases abundance and gratitude exponentially. Hugs to you, dear friend. Mwah!

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