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Boost Your Feel Good Mojo with a Top 50 Gratitude List

Everyone has moments or days when you can't quite muster the feel-good vibe. You may be having a tough time with your health, relationships, or business or even feeling low for no apparent reason. Here's an energy shifting tool that can take you from down in the dumps to hanging from the rafters: a Top 50 Gratitude List.

If you're having trouble getting started here are some things that might spark your own ideas:

  • think of your most memorable moments
  • fork in the road moments
  • apex experiences
  • your successes and failures
  • your physical world
  • your emotions and energy
  • the people who've made a difference (positive or negative)
  • your family and friends
  • your work in the world
  • the things you volunteer for
  • the world issues you're passionate about

Hope that helped you prime the pump. When you're having one of those days when things aren't going well you can whip out your Top 50 Gratitude List. It's a priceless gift you can give yourself. Ready? Whip out that pen and do this longhand first, later you can share online.

Here's my Top 50 Gratitude List:

  1. I’m grateful I have a computer that allows me to work and play in a global playground.
  2. I’m grateful I can touch and spark others through my writing.
  3. I’m grateful that I have invested a lot of energy in personal evolution, my life is SO much better.
  4. I’m grateful for social media and all the friendships and connections it makes possible every day.
  5. I’m grateful that I grew up in a creative household where singing, dancing, and reciting poetry were an everyday occurrence.
  6. I’m grateful for my strong body and its ability to give and receive physical comfort. Hugs rock!
  7. I’m grateful that I can sing and dance and express my joy every day, and I do!
  8. I’m grateful that I can feel and sense deeply, even when it feels uncomfortable.
  9. I’m grateful for my health and spiritual wealth, and for my self-care practices.
  10. I’m grateful that I think beyond the box and am willing to share it with others.
  11. I’m grateful for all the spiritual and consciousness masters that have guided my every step.
  12. I’m grateful for friends and family who love me, no matter what.
  13. I’m grateful for my grandchildren who rekindle my joy, open my heart, and unleash my laughter.
  14. I’m grateful that I live in a quiet and peaceful home, where love and communication are the highest principles.
  15. I’m grateful that I live NOW, with access to clean water, warm homes, and hot showers.
  16. I’m grateful that I'm master of my own time.
  17. I’m grateful for never having to go more than 8 hours without food in my entire life.
  18. I’m grateful for my family. They’re kind of crazy but I love them no matter what.
  19. I’m grateful that I was raised to leave everything better than I found it.
  20. I’m grateful for my ability to put things together, whether it's a recipe, computer, or a business.
  21. I’m grateful that my parents emigrated to the US from Cuba, it created a world of opportunity.
  22. I’m grateful for my ability to learn things very quickly and implement them at lightning speed.
  23. I’m grateful that I live where I am free to choose ‘my work' and I can always reinvent myself.
  24. I’m grateful for my two ex-husbands who taught me so much about love and about myself.
  25. I’m grateful that if I got sick, my family would be here for support, encouragement, and care.
  26. I’m grateful that I have a wonderful circle of women who inspire me and share in my joys and pains.
  27. I’m grateful for the realization that I can choose to feel whole, no matter what.
  28. I’m grateful that there ARE good people in this world, and more wake up to their goodness every day.
  29. I’m grateful for all those “Ah-ha!” moments that have fueled my dreams and visions.
  30. I’m grateful that I’ve made the right decision thousands of times.
  31. I’m grateful that I’ve made the wrong decision thousands of times and learned from them.
  32. I’m grateful that I can fail at many things and it won’t have any real lasting consequences.
  33. I’m grateful that vulnerability is actually a sign of strength, and that authenticity is celebrated.
  34. I’m grateful to honor the differences between myself and others and celebrate my own.
  35. I'm grateful to know that dreams come true, even when I don't know they're possible.
  36. I'm grateful for growing up in a ‘dysfunctional family' the longing for true connection it inspired.
  37. I’m grateful that I started my spiritual journey long ago and today I dance on the path.
  38. I’m grateful that pain is temporary and joy makes it seem it never was.
  39. I’m grateful for my mentors and influencers (official and unofficial) who saw the light in me and nurtured it.
  40. I’m grateful that I’ve learned to be okay with my own weakness.
  41. I’m grateful that there are millions who are trying to make a positive difference in the world – and are succeeding.
  42. I’m grateful that I can choose whether to eat healthily and unhealthily (and I choose the former!).
  43. I'm grateful for writing poetry and prose, a gift I discovered only recently.
  44. I’m grateful to be alive, for all its pain and promise. It is a gift!
  45. I’m grateful for choirs and choir directors and how they've seen my gift and helped me hone it.
  46. I’m grateful for honesty, even when it hurts.
  47. I’m grateful for the ability to create an income from work that makes my heart sing and help others do the same.
  48. I’m grateful that people I’ve never met comment on my work and benefit from it.
  49. I’m grateful for the opportunity to change people’s lives with my work – even though I’ll never know how many lives I’ve changed.
  50. I’m grateful for all the suffering I’ve gone through since it’s made me appreciate everything so much more.

Writing your own Top 50 Gratitude List will help you to easily access your flow and go for the gusto. As you name and claim your gratitude, abundance naturally flows. Please share below or post on your own blog and share your link with us.

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