December 23


Blessings of Light

By Adela Rubio

December 23, 2017


Whichever holiday or holy day you celebrate, my friends, may you find the light of love reflected in your world.

I've been hosting a writing event this month and am in the circle of a loving and supportive community. It's a container that allows me to live my values and share with others who feel the same.

When we gather in community and see one another's light, honor it, call it into being, magic unfolds.

Life's challenges transform into wondrous possibilities and a new horizon appears. This is priceless!

This is the primary gift of my work and one that I share with you over and over again because I've experienced its absence and its power.

As the year-end approaches and the new one beckons, this is my intention for us all:

May the light that lives within you glow
May the love that is your essence flow
May the bounty of your blessings grow

I appreciate having you in my circle. Thank you for sharing the adventure with me.

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