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Bless Your Food, Bless Your Body

When was the last time you blessed your food? It's a rare thing these days, other than Thanksgiving. For the most part, food goes unblessed, eagerly consumed and underappreciated.

For ages blessing food has been an important part of the eating experience. People have been saying blessings, grace, or prayers of thanksgiving over food as far back as the first human cultures. Today we're discovering that besides being a transcendent act, blessing food creates molecular and physiological changes.

This is not airy-fairy stuff or even religious tradition. There is, in fact, scientific proof that our thoughts and our words dramatically alter the physical world.

You may have heard of the studies conducted by Masuro Emoto, a Japanese researcher. He has been studying the effects of thoughts on water by photographing the crystal structure of water before and after being labeled with positive and negative words. Water samples exposed to negative sentiments like “I hate you” or “You make me sick” took on random, disorganized appearances. Water that was exposed to words like “love”, “thank you”, or “peace” changed to beautiful, crystalline structures much like intricately designed snowflakes.

Masuro Emoto created physical evidence with his photographs of how water reacts to thought.

Masaru-Emoto-water-crystalsWater makes up 70% of the planet, including your body and the food you eat. If your thoughts can affect water so profoundly, imagine what it can do to your food and your body.

4 Benefits of Blessing Your Food

Positive thought has been proven again and again to have a profound impact on every aspect of your world. By using blessings (or prayer if that word resonates with you) you tap into a more expansive energy and amplify your own intention for greater results. Now that you know that science is on your side, let's explore some tangible benefits of blessing your food:

  • Blessing your food brings the sacred into your everyday life. When you get into the habit of infusing your food with light and blessings before each meal you acknowledge the sacred nature of a very important aspect of life! The ability to bless and commune with your food is a palpable and sacred gift for humanity. If you've ever picked fruit or vegetables from your own garden, you have experienced this. In such a state of awareness, you can feel the state of food change.
  • Blessing your food changes you physiologically. Blessing food can affect changes in your physiological readiness for eating and cause changes to the structure and energy state of the food itself. The physical process by which blessing food works comes right out of physics and physiology textbooks. Salivation increases, digestive enzymes are secreted, hormones are released, breathing patterns shift, and brain patterns shift to a receptive mood ready to enjoy.
  • Blessing your food impacts the food cell's intracellular fluid.  These cells are comprised mostly of water and thousands of biomolecules. Many of these biomolecules store genetic information, including DNA, RNA, minerals, proteins and more. Studies by Vogel, Emoto, Stossel, Adams, and others have shown an effect on these fluids in food cells.
  • Blessing your food makes you more mindful of eating. It also helps you be more mindful of what you’re consuming. By approaching eating in this way it makes it easier for your body to assimilate nutrients, reduces overeating and brings the highest enjoyment to the meal.

Ready to bless your food? Let's get started.

How to Bless Your Food

When you bless you create an energetic connection and every time you bless your food you create a healing effect. Whether you call it a prayer, blessing your food, or saying grace, by now you can see that it's worth your energy, intention and time to incorporate this mealtime practice.

Let's be clear: a food blessing is an intention that the food vibrates with love and nourish your body. The how isn't so important. You can hold your hands over your plate and infuse it with the energy of love, you can say a prayer out loud, or you can send your meal a powerful intention for health and healing.

Here are 3 ways to bless your food:

1. Energetic Intention. You can bless your food by feeling the energy of gratitude arising from the deepest recesses of your being and allowing the energy of love to flow from your heart to your food.One of the ways I use the power of blessings every day is with food. By being grateful and blessing your meal before you eat it the food’s vibrations are raised.

2. Higher Power Prayer. Start off by invoking the Universe/Source/God/Grace by the name you feel most connected to. I've shared two blessings I found in World Prayers below. You can adapt them or make your own up from scratch.

Here's a simple Jewish prayer,

Blessed art thou O Lord my G-d,
King of the universe,
who brings forth the bread from the earth.

Here's a traditional Christian blessing,

Bless us, Oh Lord,
and these thy gifts which
we are about to receive from thy bounty,
through Christ, Our Lord.

3. Secular Blessing. If energy and religious oriented language are not for you, here are four non-traditional blessings that I discovered on a site named Offbeat Families.

All that we have is a gift.
May we be thankful.
May we celebrate.
May we share. 

For our friends,
for our families,
for our meal,
we are thankful.
For life,
for healing,
for joy,
we are thankful.

Thanks to the earth for the soil.
Thanks to the sky for the rains.
Thanks to the farmers for the harvest.
Thanks to our friends for the love.

May this meal we're about to share help our spirits shine brighter.
May this brightness send darkness away and
warm the hearts of strangers.

Here's a blessing shared by my friend Tonya Freeman, of  Sweet Drops  of Honey:

Great Spirit of Light and Love, Eliho G'nege, (Great Spirit)
Mi' Madre Negra, we give thanks for the love. We give thanks for our love.
We give thanks for this meal that we are about to partake in
that has been so lovingly prepared,  and we give thanks
that everyone and everything is a golden link in our chain of good.

To all of our Ancestors and Relations for seven generations.
We say, Wado, Ashe'o, Aho, So Mote It Be!

Blessing your food raises its vibration and yours. Make sure it's the highest quality of energy you can muster. Be conscious of what you are consuming. Eat with the care and awareness of who and what you want to become because you are what you eat, really!

I'd love to hear how you honor and bless your food. Please share in the comments below!


Join our guided adventure to bless your food …

Image: Eric Enstrom via Wikipedia


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    1. Estelle, please check out the book Real Magic by Dean Radin- he outlines several replicated and replica table studies in which Buddhist monk bless food and where verifiable effects in double blind experiments were recorded

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