April 26


Blast the Boob Tube

By Adela Rubio

April 26, 2008

Frequent and prolonged TV watching not only makes you unconscious, it also induces passivity and drains you of energy. Eckhart Tolle

It's also addictive. I gave up TV watching for a solid 5 years. I still had my DVD player and would rent movies, but I didn't watch any live programming. My daughter recently moved in with me and she can't live without her shows and her DVR so the boob tube was reinstated! The funny thing is that I'm the one who wound up hooked to a series and I can tell you it's like getting off crack! I may need to sign up for support somewhere.

I've always felt that the entertainment industry – tv, screen, sports figures, etc – arose out of a collective agreement to live our lives through other people. If you think about it, more people are engaged in the lives of stars, soaps and characters than their own life adventure. It's easier to pay someone else and have them live it. Let's just watch and see how they do it.

Unfortunately, TV is one of those debilitating tools that will just strengthen your ‘tomorrow' and ‘not me, not now' muscles.

Ready for a real workout? Let your life out of the box and take a path you've never tripped on before. I guarantee you'll feel ALIVE and energy will ripple from unpredictable places.

To Your Life!

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