BIG Shifts and the Power of a BIG Idea

stockvault-bulb128619-cropHave you ever been struck by a deep insight and then immediately dismissed it as too outlandish, too far fetched, in short, impossible?

I've had insights like these more often than I can count, as far back as childhood when in the midst of crisis my inner voice said, “It doesn't have to be this way.”

I'm guessing you have too. What if the impossible is only contained within an outdated version of your reality?

What if your BIG Idea is fueled by the same power source as all great creations, at the edge of possibility yet buried within your heart?

Doesn't the sparkle of its possibility make your heart beat just a little bit faster?

Our hearts know that a more beautiful world is possible,
but our minds do not know how it's possible. 

Charles Eisenstein

How do you find your way through to this more beautiful world that is lying in wait? Be in service to something greater than yourself. Something so big, it elicits a BIG Idea. Charles Eisenstein is a wonderful model of what this looks like in real life.  

Shifting your money imprint is one of the themes in BIG Shifts. I'm loving the idea of a gift economy, as espoused by Charles Eisenstein in his book, Sacred Economics. You can even get Sacred Economics for free.

Sacred Economics is definitely a BIG Idea. It's my current read, and I'm looking to try this out in my offerings. 

In this TEDx Talk, Charles Eisenstein explores how we can make the transition from the old story of separation, competition and self-interest to a new story of the people.

Every act that comes from the act of interconnection is a spiritual act and a political act because the world around us is built on a story. By acting from a different story we disrupt the psychic substructure of our mythology and we offer an alternative.

Charles Eisenstein

You can help co-create the new story by helping to disrupt the story of separation. You can do that by being in service to your BIG Idea.

Every movement begins with ONE: one idea, one leader, one community. What BIG Idea is burning in your heart?


BIG Shifts

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  1. This speaks to my heart also. I have this book on my ebook list. May be time to read it. It’s not enough to just make money and show up. I want to serve up! And also learn to receive. Big lessons and BIG shifts for sure. Thank you Adela!

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