October 31


BIG Shifts Chat: Gina-Dianne Harding

By Adela Rubio

October 31, 2014

BIG Shifts

bse-ginadianneharding-liveGina-Dianne Harding shared a life pivotal moment in her BIG Shifts story…

“I believed I was a drain on society, a worthless person and a terrible mother whose son would be better off without me. I felt like I was in quicksand and was being sucked in. It was a miserable, hopeless time in my life. The critical voices in my head were so cruel that I decided to end the hopeless despair I was experiencing. I developed a plan to kill myself. I decided to do it so that no one I knew would find me. And the day before I was going to end it I went for a walk along the river and during that walk the shift began.”

Here are some highlights from our call:

  • Don't do it alone. Get the support of friends and family.
  • Choose the environment that will help you shift.
  • You can change your beliefs and values.
  • Decide to LIVE.
  • The key to recovery is awareness of your thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • Ask yourself, “Is this limited way of being what I really want?”
  • Learn to let go of your limiting beliefs.
  • Manage your thoughts and emotions.
  • Shift your perspective.
  • Understand energy and use it to live in higher vibration consciousness.
  • Reconnect to your divinity by reconnecting to yourself, nature and to the Creator of All That Is.
  • Connecting to your divinity does not have to be a struggle or a long process.
  • Use quantum theory and neuroscience techniques to shift instantly.
  • Make friends with your critical voices.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”http://bigshifts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/gina-dianneharding-frame.jpg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Gina-Dianne%20Harding%2C%20Divinator%20of%20Consciousness” text=”%3Cp%3EGina-Dianne%20Harding%20is%20an%20author%20and%20Higher%20Consciousness%20Activator.%20She%20is%20a%20former%20Public%20Health%20Nurse%2C%20with%20a%20graduate%20degree%20in%20adult%20education%2C%20and%20an%20ordained%20spiritual%20peacemaker%2C%20with%20a%20Master%20of%20Divinity.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A%3Cp%3EGina-Dianne%20is%20an%20adventurer%20who%20loves%20to%20explore%20the%20limitless%20realms%20of%20consciousness%2C%20energy%2C%20and%20helping%20others%20to%20glide%20their%20way%20to%20divine%20living.%20You%20can%20find%20out%20more%20about%20Gina-Dianne%20at%C2%A0%3Ca%20href%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Fthedivineu.academy%22%20target%3D%22_blank%22%3EThe%20Divine%20U%20Academy%3C%2Fa%3E.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]

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