August 5


Beyond Ordinary Reality

By Adela Rubio

August 5, 2008

To make a quantum possibility a present reality requires a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Amrit Goswani, Physicist

Positive thinking, affirmations, law of attraction . . . are all pieces of a collective weave. Have you ever used these principles and wondered why they didn't seem to work at times?

One of the causes is your state of being. You cannot create outside the realm of your perceived reality. It is only when you step into an extraordinary state of consciousness – the fluidity of ‘reality' – that the extraordinary is possible.

Make a conscious choice to step out of ‘ordinary' states today and embrace the extraordinary. This can be as simple as engaging your breath, relaxing your body and feeling yourself expand into the inner and outer dimensions of you. Since it's ALL you, play with what you might consider the ‘other,' whether it's a plant or a person, the sun or the smile of a passerby. Choose to experience an expanded dimension right now and notice what's different.

Bringing potential and possibility into reality require that you open to a new awareness of YOU. Begin today.

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