Beyond Gratitude Practice: Let Yourself Become Living Poetry

Gratitude as a practice is a powerful tool for awakening you to the abundance that is all around you. Whether it's writing a daily gratitude list or a chronicle of the good stuff via your gratitude journal, this daily ritual will help to shift your default perspective to a positive and inspiring one.

At a certain point, the practice ends and the being begins.

You notice that gratitude is an ever-present essence flowing from you, as you. Its melody is captivating and contagious, alluring and irresistible. Gratitude shows up in your energy and expression. It saturates your speaking and your stance. Gratitude imbues your tone and your touch, sparking celebration everywhere.

You have become a world of ‘living poetry' as Rumi anticipated. Your ordinary moments are drenched in the extraordinariness of Life, just like a rum-soaked cherry.

I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew.
Writing a poem is discovering.
Robert Frost

The discovery is the dance. And so it is.

Image: Alice Popkorn, Follow the Star


The Gratitude Project

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  1. With every poem I grow
    I know a little more
    I may not be so sure
    But somewhere in me
    The knowing grows more
    Thank God
    There’s always more


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