December 13


Benefits of Gratitude: Default to a Positive Attitude

Have you ever wondered if your capacity for happiness is hard wired? Did you come in equipped for happiness and then something knocked you off track? Or, are you destined to default to depression and a disempowering perspective?

Here's the good news:  It doesn’t matter whether you’re from a dysfunctional family, or you’ve suffered extensive trauma or depression, gratitude creates a new default groove, just like a music track on a CD.

With a gratitude practice you can change your early programming. Here's a quick way to get the pulse on your early training: pull out your family album and visit with your childhood pictures.

  • Is there a tone of seriousness or silliness?
  • Are most of the pictures smiling and hugging, as joy jumps off the page?
  • Are the faces stern and stiff and make you want to flip the  page?
  • Do the pictures feel posed and forced?
  • Do you feel the physicality between the subjects of the photo? Can you feel the embrace?

A quick glance through your family pictures will easily put you in touch with your early training.

The good news is that you came in perfectly equipped for happiness and joy. Anything you might have experienced to the contrary was probably passed down through your family's early programming. You CAN break the cycle and create a life flowing with positive energy.

When you bring your focus to gratitude on a moment to moment basis you become the positive flow of Life.  You experience incredible resilience and a capacity to navigate the stumbling blocks of everyday living. Gratitude propels you out of ingrained disempowering stories and creates a new story that you live into powerfully and playfully.

Your play for today is to pause throughout the day and notice the abundance in your world. Focus on what's right and give thanks. That's it! Tiny steps is all it takes to create a tsunami wave of happy ho ho!

Your focus on gratitude expands your bandwidth of what's possible. As you experience the infinite flow of abundance you come to trust and KNOW that what has been passed down by perennial wisdom is not a cool story, but is TRUE. There is nothing more powerful than to experience gratitude in your body and know that you ARE a child of an infinitely loving universe.

Gratitude is a powerful transformation tool. It changes the way you see things, and then the world around you changes. Create a world where happiness is your default. Gratitude is your best partner in bringing it into being.

How do you shift into gratitude? Please post below.

Gratitude Guided Journey (Duration: 7:45)


The Gratitude Project

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