February 5


Being Something More

Any problem, simply is there as an opportunity for change. So it’s not a problem. It’s a reward. If you see it as a problem, you lean into the darker side. If you see it as an asset or a reward, you lean into the light. And so by doing that and opening up to the collective instruction, a problem will cease to be an issue. It just simply becomes a spur to ensure you change into something more, rather than something that’s less. David Cousins

From . . .

problem to potential
motivation to inspiration
confidence to power
fear to freedom

A simple shift is sometimes all we need to open a new portal of possibility.

Feeling is the language of sensing.
Sensing is the gatgeway to knowing.
Knowing is a bridge to vibrant potential.

Align, Aliven and Presence the Power of You in the Now in everything you think, say and do.



Feeling, Knowing, Potential

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