April 15


Be the Story Maker

By Adela Rubio

April 15, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II

Forget the story we’ve been told and try to live an entirely different story. Try doing something different every day. Paulo Coelho

Stories are great. They encapsulate a message, deliver an idea succinctly and have the power to inspire us into action.

Being a story teller is a good gig, too. You see the light in someone's eyes, you feel the excitement rush through their body. It's a second hand experience, but still, it's good.

How about trying on the Story Maker outfit on for size? What if you walked in the Story Maker's shoes and told a new story. One that you pluck out of your imagination, just because you can and because that's where it lives. A story that makes you come alive with rippling passion, one that fuels your every day moments, one that lights up not only your eyes, but your entire being.

This story is so compelling that you keep coming up with embellishments. You not only bought the suit, you added the socks, the tie AND the cuff links. And, the more you tell the story the more ideas you get about how to be the story, how to speak the story, how to live the story. Inevitably, you are SO possessed by the story that you have become the story.

Until the next riveting story moves through you relentlessly wanting to come into being . . . through you, the Story Maker.

Image: The Storyteller, Enid Lawson

Listen to the audio…

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  1. I am all a-tingle from the CES this morning. The pin ball is let loose and bounding around my body and being…I am racking up a huge score! At the same time, I am in deep awe and gratitude for the story of my life so far and our story as a collective…it is so vibrantly rich and inspiring. What a story we are all creating…it’s very juicy!

    1. Collective juiciness is the best game in town. Gratitude for your path is one of the best ways to acknowledge your movement and create more.

  2. My cork is popped – over and over…. I feel Magical and Alive!
    Champagne for everyone 🙂

    I revisited a very fun art collection during our call this morning. Melvin Sokolsky’s ‘Bubble’ series. http://www.lifelounge.com/melvin-sokolsky-proves-that-fancy-bubbles-never-go-out-of-style.aspx

    In my image of this gorgeous collection, I am in the bubbles. Stepping into the new me, floating high and wide in every locale I can imagine, stopping to play where ever I’d like!
    Cheers! Paula

    1. Paula, I’m sharing the bubbly with you babe. I love the art. Thanks for sharing it.

      I often see bubbles when I’m leading the shifts. In my own world it’s a powerful use of imagery, too.

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