Awakening is the Ultimate Hero’s Adventure

It's time to wake up, isn't it?

Don't you feel the new calling you.?

Awakening is the
Ultimate Hero's Adventure.

There's a stream of becoming
that wants to live thru you
as you.

What if…
today you say, ‘Yes!'

Journaling Prompt:

Grab your favorite writing implements and take 5 minutes to explore what you're ON for. Do some free flow writing. Don't stop for 5 minutes.

Here are 3 suggested writing prompts. Feel free to use your own. Use 1 writing prompt, or all 3.

1. Awakening is …

2. My hero's adventure is…

3. The new wants to be with me…

Share your writing, or your insights below.





Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 25+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits.

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