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The Shifting Sands of the Self

Once upon a time things felt solid, sure, certain. . . Oh wait a minute, that’s a story I’m working on. Ah . . . the story! We do get caught up in it. The truth is that my life has always been cycles of change, chaos and high powered energy. There’s always been a […]

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3 Simple Ways to Have a Green Christmas

It’s estimated that 340 million North Americans spend billions on Christmas. It not only affects your pocket, leading to debt for many, it also impacts the environment. It mostly obliterates your energy. At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I was a student from 2001-2003, they urged us to try a shocking exercise at Christmas. […]

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Take the Red Pill

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. Eden Phillpottsa Remember in the movie, “The Matrix,” how Neo sees things differently once he takes the red pill? That’s exactly what happens when you start engaging the world from an energetic perspective. If you assume that the 3-dimensional world […]

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The Engine of Evolution

If you tune into the news you might find your energy going up and down these days. Whether it’s the plummeting economy or the upcoming Presidential elections, things are pretty much up in the air. Certainty and security have gone out the window and it seems like everyone and everything is on edge. Some folks […]

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The Freedom of Love

The playground of relationship can be quite intense and full of illusion. What would happen if you freed everyone you loved . . . especially If you freed them from your expectations? What if you freed up everything to be what it IS and not what you’d like it to BE? Be together but don’t […]

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Being Leadership in Consciousness

One of the most intensive playgrounds of transformation is the shifting from outer to inner vision. It’s one thing to be at a workshop, retreat or course and experience yourself as an open and vibrant being. It’s quite another to BE the open spaciousness and vibrance of transformation once you get back home and in […]

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Partner for Evolution

For those who have traversed the hinterlands of energy work – whether it’s Reiki, Healing Touch, or another flavor of energetic healing – you know that you are ‘not alone’ when it comes to being a conduit for healing. Even if you haven’t formally engaged in ‘energy work’ you are certain to have experienced moments […]

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