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Limiting Beliefs Hamper Your Intentions

An intention, or a desire, naturally manifests an impulse to take some kind of action that will lead you to the realization of your desire. It’s a built in mechanism, like your desire to eat when you’re hungry or sleep when you’re tired. It doesn’t matter whether that desire is a new job, more money, […]

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Being What You Want

I recently received a chain letter. You know the one — send out to 7 friends right now and in 4 days your wishes will come true. The consequence of not forwarding is usually some terrible unforeseen event. They’re usually sent by some well-meaning hopeful person on your email list. Sometimes I delete them, sometimes […]

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How to Increase Awareness: Start a Writing Practice

The first link in the chain from changing your thinking to changing your world is awareness. Einstein’s thinking changed our world. You may not have considered this, but your thinking ALSO affects the world. Your thoughts create your world — what’s possible, what’s not — and like a pebble tossed into a pond, they ripple […]

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Tap the Potential Movement

Collective movements are powerful and chock full of potential. Whether you’re thinking of the Civil Rights movement of the sixties, Sep 11 or the recent US Presidential elections, you know that everything and everyone is effected when you are swept up into a stream of spiraling potential. The energy of this burgeoning potential almost feels […]

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The Key Environment for Personal Evolution

In coaching circles we talk about ‘creating supportive environments.’ one of my favorite Thomas Leonard quotes is: “Success can be arranged.” That’s where the 9 Environments ( come into play: 1. Memetic Environment – Ideas 2. Financial Environment – Money, Wealth and Budget 3. Relationship Environment – Close friends, family and close colleagues 4. Network […]

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Vanda Mikoloski: Designing a Creative Life

Vanda Mikoloski, stand-up comic and speaker, will share how to incorporate spiritual principles by designing a creative life. As long as you’re alive you have a unique contribution. The degree to which you live in alignment to that contribution, you will experience fulfillment. Learn how to live your creativity and your unique contribution in a […]

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