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The Aliveness of Being

Have you noticed that when things are really quiet and time slows down that the silence has a quality of sparkle and vibrance? The emptiness, the non-beingness, is chock-full of activity. There is energy and movement, there is an ‘alivening’ quality to it. This is the fabric of creation, the particles that make up your […]

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The Irresistible Allure of Passion

I’m passionate about my work and it’s not something that I have much of a choice about. It was a major point of contention between my husband and I, when we were together. He didn’t get what I did and couldn’t understand how I was mesmerized by evolutionary coaching and leadership training. On occasion he […]

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Evolving the Mind

What if you could completely re-engineer and evolve how your mind operates? One of the tools for transforming your perception is to reorient the mind around your connectivity to KNOWING. If the vehicle that creates so many interesting challenges with your filtering of reality is not lined up with your expanded Beingness you’ll only be […]

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You Are What You Eat, Think and Feel

My journey with fitness and my body started when I was about nine years old and came across an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. I remember thinking how utterly perfect the models were and how I longed to look just so! Well, for a Cuban girl with hips and thighs that is a hell of a […]

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Live Your Knowing

You have direct access to living Sourceness. Your body and superconnected energetic essence are a direct connection to knowing. Only YOUR expanded experience is the litmus test to what is TRUE for you right now. The beauty of what is available now, under an open energy system,is that EVERYTHING can be directly experienced by YOU! […]

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The Energy of Entanglements

Have you noticed the energy of your entanglements? You know, those places where the tendrils of the ‘old you’ are interwoven into the fabric of your perspective. From this angle it’s hard to discern where to go or what’s next. It’s dense and slow and puts you in lockdown. How do you figure out what you need […]

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The Art of Knowing

Your knowing is your access to dynamic intelligence, what’s needed in the now. It’s where you are in full connection to the living ALLness. Imagine that you are computer accessing the internet. While there is plenty of stuff to be had and done as a standalone unit, there is much more available when you access […]

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The Wheel of Time: A Fabulous Focus Tool

Some folks may be working their New Year resolutions or setting their goals this week. Setting markers in your world can be a powerful exercise in becoming aware of where you are, what you want, and how to get there. The tick tock of time is a great focusing tool. As `time passes’ I’ve become […]

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