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Not Global Warming?

You have not yet, from your human perspective, figured out how to scrape enough dirt together to launch another earth into orbit. You don’t know what you’re doing relative to things that are [of a] world nature. Global warming is not a factor that need concern you. This earth is expanding and evolving and IMPROVING. […]

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Good Vibrations

You are mostly vibrational beings and you don’t even know it. Abraham Hicks So if we’re mostly vibrational that means that things aren’t as ‘solid’ as they seem. It means that there’s movement and flow and change IS our nature. What if we embraced and relished this aspect of our expansive nature instead of resisting […]

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Sensing Your Body Smile

One of my favorite people, Marci Grossman, asked a question this morning which I found to be a beautiful energy shifting tool: What kind of weather, season, temperature, whatever do you find most energetic? My response: Though I don’t find that my energy is tied into the weather or my mood or whether my toes […]

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Your Body Connects You to What You Know

You can’t KNOW if you can’t sense. You can’t sense if you don’t connect to your body. You can’t connect to your body if you’re mostly in your head. When was the last time you fully felt the deliciousness in your body? What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with? What did […]

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Resistance is Futile!

Resistance is the calling card for your next shift. Check in right now and notice what you KNOW about this. It’s the opening for the next, for what wants to come through for you now. Often resistance is a game we play with ourselves and may show up as avoidance, procrastination and denial. You actually […]

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Fixation with Food

I just started a 28-day cleanse today with Raw Food Chef Mehmet Ak in Chicago. My friend and business partner, Simone Peer, and I had volunteered for a 4-hour stint as kitchen angels at his restaurant Cousin’s Incredible Vitality. I thought we’d pick up a few recipes, food prep techniques and enjoy delicious raw food […]

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The Path of Knowing

The other day we were discussing enlightenment, death and freedom from attachment in one of the groups I belong to. Someone made the comment that detachment was like loving without caring for the end result and a conversation ensued around attachment to form – how things look on the outside – and on the reluctance […]

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