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If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me

I spent hours on Facebook this morning: reading articles, watching videos, posting and commenting on my stream. No guilt on my part. One of the ways that I access my muse is by connecting with my circle of friends and community. It’s this connection to my greater circle that inspires and moves me and plucks […]

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The Plan Works If You Work It

It’s really easy to forget your body when so much of the world is governed by your thinking. Many of the jobs, tasks and means of communication require our bodies minimally. It’s our intellect that is prized. It’s one of the problems of our modern world that we spend SO much time in unnatural environments […]

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Stop Waiting for Love

I’m frankly shocked at my level of sharing. I still pause and wonder, “Is this too much information?” Well, if you’re here you’re probably looking to explore some of your own sacred cows. Let’s smash them up! Let’s have a demolition dance! One of my early childhood rules was, “Don’t talk to anyone about what […]

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Are You Willing to Let Go Of Old Relationships?

Have you ever avoided dealing with something for so long that you didn’t know how to untangle yourself from it? This is how I feel about relationships. It’s not so much about letting go of the people, but the long held habits. I have some very deep seated disturbances around relationships. I can’t do what […]

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Dance with the Dark Side

In the transformation playground I often see folks wanting to be ALL about the light. I’m all about the light, but I know I have dark in me too. You can’t just be the light without being the dark. As a matter of fact, it’s been my frequent flyer status with the dark that has […]

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How to Remember Who You Are

My musings are meandering on paths I’d rather not. Damn it!!!! Anyway, now that I’ve vented I can move on to introduce today’s musing topic. Today is all about who you are and how those times we feel ugliest about ourselves can turn into a profound blessing and growth leap. Motherhood is something that I […]

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How to Move in the Mystery

My morning musings tend to be pretty intimate. I’m letting you in on how I speak to myself. I’m sharing the thoughts that play out in my head. Sometimes I think it’s risky behavior. After all, you might not like what I let you in on. It’s not always pretty. I’m sure it’s less dangerous […]

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When Home Feels Like Being in a Strange Land

The idea of home has been a recurring theme for a number of years. The more I explore my inner terrain the more I recognize that home is not what I thought it was. It’s not a cozy little cave where I find my respite from the world. The moment I lost my physical home […]

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