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Post-meditation musings on honing your inner wisdom and putting it into practice in your world.

Create a Lean Vision Board

create vision board lean approach

Vision boards have been a part of my yearly wrap-up for ages, along with writing practices and yearly vision mapping events. The creative in me yearns to envision what’s possible before I sit down to map out a plan. It’s the juice that fuels my vision and propels me into action. I usually start percolating […]

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3 Pathways to Unleash Your Creative Voice

Awaken Your Creative Essence

Your creative voice is ever present. Do you have unfettered access to it? You know she is there. You can deny and denounce all you want. She hums, she whispers, she waits. You may ignore her for a time but she is relentless. Do you doubt she’s as real as she feels? You know the […]

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Motherhood is Living Love (Becoming Unconditional Love)

Motherhood is Living Love

Motherhood is a high-frequency adventure, a call to be living love. Although it may not initially appear that way, it is the experience of choosing love again and again.  Whether it’s your children, pets or creations, it is an opportunity to evolve your understanding of love. It’s not always easy. On holidays we honor the […]

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Unleash Your Wild Creatrix

I started off 2019 the way I usually do: in a Vision Circle. I gathered with my creative conscious community and hosted a call to clarify and activate our dreams and visions for the coming year. There’s no greater rocket fuel for your dreams and visions than aligned community and intention. Collective visioning is powerful […]

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3 Rituals to Claim You Are the Light of the World!

Winter Solstice is a time-honored tradition honoring the perennial truth that YOU are the light of the world. For millennia, mankind has marked this cycle of the year – when darkness reigns and we hold out for the hope of light – with traditions illustrating that Winter with its barren and naked pose holds the […]

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Grief is Gray, Gold and Gorgeous

My Dad passed on Sunday, June 25, 3:53 pm, while I was attending my granddaughter Alexa’s dance recital. It’s taken me a bit to be able to articulate what has transpired. Life deals intense hands at times. I’m always on for the adventure. Sometimes it takes a bit to get all the parts moving in […]

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Is It Christmas (Or Something More)?

Before you dive into my morning muse, know that I’m an introspective kind of gal. I ponder a lot. I give deep thought to things that matter to me. I care about the quality of my moment to moment experience. Time is precious. I’m not planning on wasting any more of it. In today’s post, I […]

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