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How to Awaken the Life Artist Within

The emergence of something new is afoot. Can you feel it? This deep knowing that all is good, or on it’s way, is the heartbeat of my life these days. I’m guessing you’re a highly creative and aware person. Have you felt the inner rumbling of something’s coming? Life often interrupts the matrix. It swaps out […]

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BIG Shifts and the Power of a BIG Idea

Have you ever been struck by a deep insight and then immediately dismissed it as too outlandish, too far fetched, in short, impossible? I’ve had insights like these more often than I can count, as far back as childhood when in the midst of crisis my inner voice said, “It doesn’t have to be this […]

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The Secret Sauce to Success in Business and Life

This time of year invokes the energy of promise. A promise of new beginnings, a clean slate, a fresh start. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or heal a health problem, it’s natural to seek out the experts. It is immensely valuable to learn from the experience and expertise of others. Don’t let it […]

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4 Ways to Celebrate Gratitude

Are you celebrating your everyday abundance? What if you went beyond the thoughtful acknowledgement of your blessings and unleashed the energy of celebration? Celebrations aren’t only for birthdays and anniversaries. They are one of the most powerful practices for making the world of your thoughts and feelings real. I don’t mean party hats and streamers. Celebration is […]

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3 Ways to Shift Your Focus to Gratitude

What you experience in your world is a direct result of your focus. Those things that you pay attention to most are what get recreated in your world, over and over and over. I’m sure this isn’t news to you, but it bears repetition. If you’re not happy with the way your world is now, […]

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Two Things to Give Up on the Gratitude Adventure

Sometimes your life path may feel more like an odyssey than an adventure. When you experience a series of trials and tribulations it can be challenging to find the gratitude oasis. It can become even more difficult if you insist on holding onto your current point of view. When you’re thigh high in your troubles […]

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A Christmas Blessing

May your walls weave warmth May your doors deliver delight May your windows open to wonder May your floors anchor hope May your rooms be a bounty of beauty May your home know peace May your heart feel joy May your eyes see what’s true May your hands heal loss May your arms embrace ALL […]

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3 Gratitude Rituals to Invoke Your Appreciation

Cultivating gratitude makes for a kinder, healthier and more generous you. You don’t need the tons of gratitude research to know that, right? Gratitude also hinders negative emotional disorders like anxiety and depression. It’s a blessing in so many ways to share your gratitude, and yet sometimes you might find yourself  doing your gratitude by […]

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