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Are You Willing to Let Go Of Old Relationships?

Have you ever avoided dealing with something for so long that you didn’t know how to untangle yourself from it? This is how I feel about relationships. It’s not so much about letting go of the people, but the long held habits. I have some very deep seated disturbances around relationships. I can’t do what […]

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Dance with the Dark Side

In the transformation playground I often see folks wanting to be ALL about the light. I’m all about the light, but I know I have dark in me too. You can’t just be the light without being the dark. As a matter of fact, it’s been my frequent flyer status with the dark that has […]

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How to Remember Who You Are

My musings are meandering on paths I’d rather not. Damn it!!!! Anyway, now that I’ve vented I can move on to introduce today’s musing topic. Today is all about who you are and how those times we feel ugliest about ourselves can turn into a profound blessing and growth leap. Motherhood is something that I […]

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How to Move in the Mystery

My morning musings tend to be pretty intimate. I’m letting you in on how I speak to myself. I’m sharing the thoughts that play out in my head. Sometimes I think it’s risky behavior. After all, you might not like what I let you in on. It’s not always pretty. I’m sure it’s less dangerous […]

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Something’s Coming. Can You Feel It?

Relationships are an ongoing workshop for me. Seems I’m always working on it. I’m okay with that. I’m more present and loving in relationships than I used to be. I’d formed some pretty fuc*ed up ideas early on. I chose to give no quarter and shield my tender spots. I learned a lot about love long […]

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How Emotions and Habits Impact Your Ability to Grow

This morning I’ve been musing on the symbiotic relationship of energy and habits. I’ve been thinking about how they feed each other, and ultimately what you’re looking to create. Feed them the wrong things and you have negative outcomes. Feed them the right things and you have positive outcomes. It’s not like you can go […]

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How to Make Peace and Receive Your Father’s Legacy

I sink into contemplative space on many holidays. They feel especially sacred and pure, as if a portal in time has opened and there is a unique opportunity to create anew. Father’s Day used to elicit conflicting thoughts and feelings, jumbled into a morass of ambiguity and avoidance. Today, my heart is more open. I know […]

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