December 25


Awaken Your Power

By Adela Rubio

December 25, 2008

Essence, power

Every moment is steeped in potential and possibility if only you'll notice. It's not hard and it's not easy. It's a choice that you make.

Would you like to awaken to what's really true about you? Bring your attention to your body and your being and connect to the awareness of your FULL presence:

1. Take a moment, right now, to still your thinking and invite the energy of YOU via your breath.

2. As you take in the energy of life, notice the exchange . . . what you give and what you receive. Acknowledge the richness of your gifts and the bounty of your abundance.

3. Feel your connection to ALL THAT IS, not only the at cause energy but every manifestation thereof. Notice the stream of intelligence that permeates everything and everyone.

4. Initiate an energetic intention to align with your TRUE ESSENCE and look for it's evidence in your world as you move throughout your day. This is a highly alert exercise. Look for the merest tail of possiblity at the edge of your awareness.

“Life is a personal adventure designed by you, consciously or unconsciously.

The world evolves at the rate that you take responsibility for your personal evolution.  I invite you to dive into the glorious adventure of an awakened life, powered by YOU. I'm thrilled to be your companion in the playground.

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