October 5


Awaken to Being

By Adela Rubio

October 5, 2010

Inner Game Mastery

lotus flowerEverything that is in your world was once an intention. The rub is that intention is sourced in your inner world and you may or may not be as conscious of this aspect of your being.

This doesn't mean that you need to monitor and control every thought and sift through every belief. It merely means that you come to know your inner terrain as well as you know the curve of your calf and the sensation of your skin.

Every intention sets energy into motion, whether you are conscious of it or not.
Gary Zukav

Noticing is a power tool. Some traditions use the word witness. Noticing is as light as a feather, free from judgment, easily able to flow with the movement of your attention. Notice what arises inwardly as you experience your world. Imagine that you are a child, enraptured by the minute miracles of creation.

Your body is a perfect example of the natural co-creation programmed into all of life. It is the result of organized intelligence coming together for a purpose. By design, it is an exquisite partnership. So too, you co-create with life naturally. In every moment, you co-create with your energy in myriad ways, whether it's consciously or unconsciously. Your breath is a co-creative experience, an exchange, a partnership. The applications are infinite.

Tune in and sense your co-creative partnership with life. Feel the delight in being. Wonder is the frequency of your innate essence. The real ‘you' comes alive in being. Partner with your vision of life.  Awaken to BEing.

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  1. During our phone call today……….is was dis-connected from my shift and purpose by another who always needs something from me. I wanted to comment on the phone but the hour ended. Our World has so much distraction, thank you for the Power Tool in this writing. As I use “Noticing” more in my self talk, I can achieve more balance. We are always students of change.

  2. Lovely…beautiful…BEING….cosmolicious informed BEING is buzzing with re-connection…Thank you Tribe…Blessings Adela…hugs Kristine

  3. I am so grateful you have agreed to share these cocreations.

    I am moved and filled with ineffable joy. I feel the longing and yearning yet rest in the presence of BEING. My heart, my essence expands in my chest, my core, my body– like a balloon and explodes! … liberating itself and reinventing in quantum particles throughout the universe. I am whole. I am complete I am enough. I am more than enough. I AM.

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