December 2


Awaken Now

By Adela Rubio

December 2, 2008

Expand Awareness

“Billions of people just living out their lives . . . oblivious. “ Agent Smith to Morpheus, The Matrix

Where are you sleeping, awaiting for your Prince Charming kiss?

Find a quiet space, have a seat, take a nice deep breath and on the exhale
close your eyes. . .

Sink into the energy of your body and expand your energy inwardly and
outwardly, until everything and nothing is the wave of you. Feel yourself come into focus and come apart, mingling with the essencesual pool of creation. With each breath, notice the sensations that come and go. Feel the thruline of your beingness in the now.

Imagine you're in a pool of consciousness, floating upon the cosmic ocean of creation. Irridescent bubbles of possibility stream through your being. There are streams and streams of them, too many to count. Your being is constantly being streamed with potential arising. Choose one of them and allow the awareness to descend upon you like an ocean mist, lightly dancing upon your skin, saturating your being with vibrant intelligence.

Throughout your day today tune into the rippling awareness created by your choice and engage it now.

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