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Mommahood: The Forging of Indestructible Love

Early this morning I spoke with the main moms in my world: my mom, two aunts, and two mothers-in-law. I’ve also been in the swirl of going through my pictures. They’ve been in storage for years. I just got them back. You know what that’s like … through pictures you get to see family and […]

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Create a Lean Vision Board

Vision boards have been a part of my yearly wrap-up for ages, along with writing practices and yearly vision mapping events. The creative in me yearns to envision what’s possible before I sit down to map out a plan. It’s the juice that fuels my vision and propels me into action. I usually start percolating […]

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How to Unleash Your Creativity (Even When You Feel Stuck)!

What if creativity is not an environment-dependent phenomenon or reliant on the haphazard visitation of your Creative Muse? What if the things that hold you back are the key to discovering how to soar?All of life is a creative adventure, isn’t it? There are things you want, barriers to your getting it, and how you […]

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Epic Storytelling: How to Tell Your Larger Than Life Story

Storytelling is an essential skill to rewrite your experience. You probably already know that. After all, best-selling books and blockbuster films repeatedly illustrate the power of story to move you beyond what you thought was possible. But … what happens when you take your own ordinary life and create an epic story? That’s the exploration […]

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Mary Magdalene and a New Power Archetype

Have you ever wondered about mythic figures and who they really are? I love how stories inspire you to stretch beyond the status quo. It’s no big surprise to yearn for more tidbits and insights from people (real or fictional) who pull you into a greater arc of experience. Think back to a time when […]

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Find Free Stock Photos Fast!

Are you chasing down free stock photos when you’re ready to publish and promote? One of my favorite things to do is find amazing images on free stock photo sites. Visual marketing is a key piece of getting your message out and it’s a great way to make your posts more interesting and drive traffic […]

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