November 30


Are You Willing to Be Free?

By Adela Rubio

November 30, 2010

Freedom, Inner Game Mastery, Self Expression

Freedom is a compelling concept. Cultures and countries have warred for centuries seeking their freedom. If you look at the continuum of freedom it's an energy that ripples from the individual to the collective community and right back. You cannot have freedom for a people, if the individual is not free. No brainer, right?

The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to
be ourselves, to express ourselves.
 Don Miguel Ruiz

Let's explore this even further. For millenia external freedom has been the focus of our evolution, perhaps because external freedom (or at least a semblance of it) is required in order for your awareness to tap into a higher order of freedom. Think of the external structure of freedom as a scaffolding for exploration. We've sought and set freedom as a basic human right.

And yet, how free are you really? Are you free from worry, expectation, comparison? The external limitations, for the most part, are minimal. What if the next quantum leap in the evolution of freedom were freedom from the ‘limited self,' this tiny aspect of your being clamoring to be in the foreground? What if the next BIG thing in freedom were your personal evolution, to be FREE to BE your boundless limitless being?

As attractive as that may sound, at the same time, it is frightening. Who would you be without these limitations? What would you do if you didn't have all the ‘external reasons' for why you can't do or be something? What would it be like to live dynamically, exploring the edges of your world and launching yourself joyfully into the New?

The precipice of freedom is poised at this internal gateway. Nothing ‘out there' is holding you back, the biggest barrier to your essential freedom is YOU! The question isn't only ‘Are you willing to be free?' but ‘HOW will you free your being?'

Image: Freedom, Scarleth White

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