September 6


Are You Resisting Abundance

By Adela Rubio

September 6, 2011

Wild Abundance

Resistance takes many shapes. It might surface as indifference, smugness, even certainty.

But, be forewarned, engaging the surface assumption will only result in a serious detour from your juiciest destination.

Whenever you encounter a roadblock, or a problem, it's hardly ever about the presenting situation. Resistance is so woven into your everyday automatic response that you may not know that you're in it.

Quite often you'll discover that resistance is what is keeping you from getting to the deeper awareness that would deliver you from the current situation. Here's the problem: it's very difficult to move past resistance while you're in the grips of it.

There is ONE tool that is extremely effective in disarming resistance.

Think back to when you were a child and you'd sit, wonder and dream about the stars in the evening sky. Didn't you sit for hours, transported by your sense of excitement and wondering at the possibility of what else was out there? It is this ‘curious inquiry' which is an invaluable tool when engaging your resistance and breaking through to an expanded level of awareness.

However, since most early training is about conforming to standards,  your ability to curiously question might be seriously asleep.

 Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.
Marshall McLuhan

Most of resistance is really about avoiding what's True about you! As you engage life from your own sense of wholeness, rather than a desperate longing and seeking to be completed by something outside yourself, your relationship to resistance will change. You'll find that you naturally share the abundance of your inner resources – the gifts that flow through your being – easily and effortlessly.

Image by Glamour Schatz

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  1. As usual, written for me! If you find yourself, as I have been this week, focusing on being right, you will remain resistant, sometimes, raging to what’s true–who gives a rat’s ass if you’re right?

    1. Agree, Renee! I learned a long time ago, I’d rather have peace than be right. Last week I blogged about the 100/0 Principle and it’s interesting how I’ve caught myself in situations since, where I referenced that teaching. It has really helped me to understand, it’s not about anyone else, it is about me and my perception and how I choose to respond. Very powerful…and very freeing! Thanks Adela!

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