November 21


Are You Open to the Call?

By Adela Rubio

November 21, 2008


If knowing the truth is sufficient for you, then practice the art of philosophy. If only living the truth will suffice, then practice the art of love through your mind, your emotions, and your body. David Deida

The only way to make it real right now is to be fully open to what is. That means that a willingness to experience all of it, to fully feel and engage the Now, is your vehicle to movement.

The major problem that most folks encounter, from what I've observed, is a clinging to HOW they want things to be vs moving through what is. And MOVE it will, because life is fluid, as are YOU, and the come and go of physicality is part of the fabric of this collective creation.

So . . . in the vibration of evolutionary energetics YOU are untouched by the come and the go. YOU are the leading force for the movement of what is uniquely powered by you. There is something so engaging, so compelling, so magnetic that is wanting to BE through you in this moment. Will you open or close to that call? You cannot KNOW it if you are unwilling to EXPERIENCE it.

What will it be today . . . OPEN or CLOSE? Your choice moves not only YOU, but ALL of creation.

[Art – Kagaya]

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