January 19


Are You Making a Living or Making a Life?

By Adela Rubio

January 19, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts I

It's hard to avoid the reality of the need for cash flow, right? I mean you need to have a home and food and pay your utility bills. Then there's the car and the cable and the kids activities.

It's not really surprising that a lot of your activities, and a lot of your energy, are locked up in ‘making money.' Ostensibly, to eventually make the life you really want.

This uber-focus on making a living delays living your life. The things that actually generate energy for you, the things you love to do – dance, paint, write, connect – get pushed to the sidelines. Making money is the priority and everything else – family gatherings, personal passions and social events – takes a back seat.

What often happens is that you find your life compartmentalized and fractured. You lose energy, you get tired, your activity levels drop,  you lose creativity and eventually you may even start experiencing lifestyle health issues like heart disease and diabetes.

What happens next is straight out of a movie, the movie of your life: there is some kind of breakdown. It's either a breakdown of your work, your family, or your health. Though this may initially seem to be bad news it really isn't. It's the only way potential can make it's way into the laser focused pursuit of focus that has gone awry.

As you allow the artificial boundaries between you and the rest of your life to crumble – whether it's your job, your relationship or your money –  you come to understand that there is no separation between you and the rest of your life. You have a hand in it! In every moment you are the co-creator of your life. This is not a future oriented event. It is occurring in this very moment. So the time to grasp it is at hand. You have something to do with how it's all turning out, or not.

Here are 3 shifts to reorient your energy to what's true:

1. Let go of the focus on money. The more you focus on money as a need, the harder it is to draw it to you. It is actually the byproduct of your unique expression of you passionate essence, not the cause of it.

2. Every day paint the canvas of your world. Feel your abundance, the many ways in which you are gifted. Share your gifts. Honor your abundance. Cherish the wins. Create experiences that make you feel grand and wonderfully alive!

3. Every day energetically magnetize your life into being. They might have called it daydreaming in another time and place. I would add the energetic intention and super-connective qualities to this musing and power up your potential like a rocket.

Find a space and time when you are relaxed and start with feeling the connection to your self and to all that is. Open and allow your broadband sensing to expand capacity. Feel yourself as abundance itself flowing out like a golden luminescent mist. This mist is the tangible gift of your essence, imbued with your message and service. See how the mist touches the faces of all those who are ready to benefit from your being. Feel the mutual exchange of honor and gratitude. Ripple this knowing into creation and know that you will magnetize the ideas, connections and synchronicities in exquisite timing.

Energy is real. Intention is real. Your super-connective nature is real. By design, you are engineered for possibility and co-creation. Be the Being and create not only abundance for yourself but a life that's a living legacy.

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  1. Adela,

    Thank you for this post. Recently slipped into a “need cash now” mindset and focus. Just popped myself back out reading your post. I’m on my way to my meditation chair and “energetically magnetize” my life into Being!


  2. In today’s conversation about Haiti, I had the image that the whole world, as well as myself was reaching out desperately for food and water to sustain life. I have known intellectually that Source is my food and water, my abundance. Now I feel that…experience that…know that. Thank you, Adela for showing me that place/space…it is so vast! Now I am exploring how to share that DC nourishment and sustainability with others.I have been a scout/explorer all my life. Here’s another road to journey on….another canvas to paint….another dance to dance….another song to sing…another ….another…..Thank you!

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