April 23


Are You ‘Buying It’ or ‘Being It’

By Adela Rubio

April 23, 2008


How many books have you purchased? How many courses have you taken? How many ‘experts' have you consulted?

Have you come to that place where you know that it's not out there anymore? You could spend 1,000 more lifetimes out there and you wouldn't get any closer to the real deal, in here. This being it is an inward adventure. That's the source point of authentic juiciness, your outflow is the inflow for everything in your world.

The only expert in your life is you. The only way you become the expert is by stepping into the experience of BEing that flow. Risking the edge to BE the living dynamic of now, not yesterday. Tapped into the vital current of life as it sources you relentlessly. You feel spent and full and the only outpouring is a cosmic “Yes!”

Your purpose and your passion are your play. You are the experience of life in movement. You are creation BEing itself NOW. Cool stuff. Amazing stuff.

Are you buying it or being it?

Your fullness of being is your reason for being. There is no other purpose on the planet for which you were designed than to be the expression of life in its infinite movement. It is not something that you'll ever get out there. This can only be found in HERE! in YOU! in NOW!

Where are the opportunities for your being it right now? Just notice the landscape of your world. How does it feel? What do you already sense about it? What do you lightly, but solidly, know about what you're up to? Wow, no roadmap. You're the roadmap, where to next.

This being it gives you a solidness, a certainty, a clarity you've never known before. It's very dynamic and very now-centered. There's a living pulse to it, a heartbeat, a rhythm. You are open to engaging it, feeling it, sensing it. Let it speak to you. Open to the myriad ways that you can know.

When your focus is on the external, you've lost your choice point, your power. So much weight is given to everything outside yourself that you're too busy to notice the you in anything. And there is certainly a YOU in all of it. As a matter of fact, that's all there is. The same goes for everyone else, too.

Enjoy the luscious dance!

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