May 28


Are You a Highly Aware Being?

By Adela Rubio

May 28, 2008

Highly Aware

futuristic manLately I have had this abiding sense of ‘absolute aloneness.’ Not lonely, as in a need or a want that is looking to be met. This sensing is presence-saturated and grants me access to a wider scope of knowing. The landscape is discernible. I more easily ‘see' the options, the possibilities. I am here because I have chosen to be ‘at one' or ‘lined up' with the energy that is moving through me, seeking my unique expression.

How do you discern the energy of your expanded, transformative Being so that your choices flow from your pool of potential?

Merriam Webster defines discernment as “the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.” I see it as an opening to MORE of you. What seems obscure from a 3D perspective is totally comprehensible from a transformative vista. The thing here is to upgrade your sensing abilities. You may assume that only ‘special people' are highly aware. The truth is that we ALL are highly aware beings. Some of us are actualized, others are in dormancy. You can come awake any time you desire.

This discernment of transformative energies gives you access to a greater YOU. One that is collectively connective and lined up with the potential of the moment. From this expanded Being you move with power and knowing, naturally. Here are three practical powerl tools that I have used to expand my sensing and knowing abilities:

1. In this moment, and as often as possible, just notice your breath without consciously controlling it. Don't change anything – don't slow it down, speed it up, deepen it, hold it – nothing! Just notice your breath. Now . . . just notice your energy – the energy inside of you, outside of you, commingled with you, etc. Don't change a thing. Just notice your energy. Allow new noticings to ripple into your awareness.

2. Throughout your day take a moment to check-in and notice the nuances of what you KNOW at different dimensions of discernment. Notice your physical and sensory experience. Notice your emotional experience. Notice your mental experience. Notice your energy experience. Now scope out as far and as BIG as you can get, out to the edges of the multiverse. Notice how many streams of experience are available. See the ones that call for your engagement. Check in now and notice what you KNOW. Jot down a few details.

3. Notice yourself moving about as light energy. Wash your face, take a shower, exercise, eat lunch, make love . . . as light energy. Notice what's different?

Your choice to pause, tune in and discern – to KNOW – is more readily available as you take a moment to ‘flip the switch' from 3d human being to a Transformative Highly Aware Being. This tendency to choose the ‘more of you' will start showing up as the norm and not as ‘moments of lucidity.' Unleashing your Being is a guaranteed adventure.

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