Activating the Power of Your Feminine Essence

Last October, I was wrapping up a writing circle event when I made an off handed comment on our Facebook Group that I might host an event on The Goddess. I was envisioning playing with archetypal energies, a women's writing circle, and leading guided visualizations on awakening your feminine essence.

My writing sister, Jody Lilly, of The Goddess of Now, promptly replied: “Let's chat about it.” We've been exploring the divine feminine in weekly conversations ever since. Plus, we've partnered on a 6-week event: The Goddess Revolution. It starts Saturday, February 4th.

I'm really excited about this adventure, not only to deeply explore my feminine essence but because Jodi has been a writing buddy for a while. We've been together in writing circles for 14 years. Besides being a writer, Jodi is also an intuitive astrologer and a Goddess Hoop Dance Instructor. She is a delight to be with and together we sparkle!

The Goddess Doesn't Live Here . . . Yet

I don't know about you, but honoring my feminine aspect was not something I learned at home. I grew up in a traditional Cuban household, where my father was the king and my mom was not. “It's good to be the king.”

My earliest recollections of the feminine are a hodgepodge of contradictions. My mom, and most of the women in my life, were strong, resourceful champions who always came ahead against the odds. (And there were plenty of odds.) My mom could just as easily buy the right two-by-four's, sheet rock and nails for our home improvements,  cook a delicious holiday feast all by herself, and dance tango, mambo, cha-cha, and danzon. Don't get me talking about how clean the floors were. That's right, you could eat right off those puppies. Though my Mom was a real can-do kind of girl, her forte was not in the nurturing and sensitivity department. She was more of a tomboy who rode horses bareback (back in Cuba, that is).

Very early on I decided the masculine energies of my intellect and will were more useful than my feminine nurturing and caretaking qualities. I threw all of my energy into succeeding at work and manifested miracles. (Shades of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, minus the cigarette). Fast forward several decades of working very hard,  struggling with the single mom gig and trying to figure out the meaning of Life in my spare time. Hah!

Right around my 40th birthday something seriously shifted. The power source changed from outside to inside. The call of my inner being was no longer content with my secret weekends taking tarot workshops with Mary K. Greer at The Open Center. I could no longer sustain myself with once in a while classes at Integral Yoga. My being couldn't survive on one 3-day workshop per year at The Association of Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach (where I was a lifetime member). My work world and my personal world collided and many things didn't make it.

I left my corporate gig managing technology for a New York City law firm (where I made lots of moola and had very sweet benefits and vacay). I ventured into the world of small business ownership with my brother and we opened a World Gym Fitness Center. I got very fit. (It wasn't enough.)

Later on I left the bosom of the family biz (a very difficult process) and began a life changing adventure called the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Add in a side trip to India to study with a zen master and you've got a head on collision for . . . massive growth. (It all turns out in the end.)

All of these experiences helped shape my world, they all required various shifts on my inner orientation… how I saw the world (and myself). I was willing to take the leap. (And that's ALL that's required, my loves.)

It's taken me decades to sort this being a woman thing out. Not that I'm finished. I'm still awakening to aspects of her that mystify me. Some outright crack me up. Some are so fierce I quiver in her wake.

I'm not crazy, whacked out or too sensitive.

I hear HER loud and clear. She is not shutting up. She is not going away. She is sounding the drum. She is singing the song. She's inviting you into the divine feminine dance.

The Goddess Roars: Owning Your Power is NOT Always a Peaceful Process

I've resisted owning my super powers, my Goddess Toolkit. I haven't always seen these gifts as strengths. Often they felt more like a burden, than a blessing:

  • hypersensitivity
  • deep knowing
  • intimate conversation
  • abundant heart
  • intuitive whispers
  • divine downloads

Life experience is what convinces you otherwise. I've come to see that it takes too much energy  NOT to be you. It's like fighting a tidal wave. Futile. Inevitable.

Exploring your feminine essence is key in awakening to your role in the possibilities at hand. It gives you full access to your creative nature. It unlocks your Goddess Toolkit. It shifts the framework of how you get to play.

Listen, there is no doubt that you and I – that WE – have made it this far because we are committed to the cause of a kinder, more caring world. Hold fast, darlings! These are the times we have prepared for.

Today, feminine consciousness is knocking at the door. It is no longer content to hide behind the curtain, blend into the background, sit in silence. This feminine divine, as Jodi calls it, is being felt by women everywhere.

Do you hear it? It's on your Facebook Feed, in the Women's Marches, in the urge to do something now, to make things different! This movement requires the hands of the many. This IS a revolution! We are overthrowing the old ways, we are done with the way it's been done, us vs them, more for you means less for me, a rigid and dogmatic approach.

More than ever, our world needs plenty of heart. It's the ONE thing that can make a huge difference, and we can ALL do it. Every day there are countless invitations to meet life from your heart, to shift from me to we, to be inclusive, not exclusive. Here's how we can do this gracefully . . .

When Women Gather
In Circles, Things Shift!

I've journaled since I was about nine years old, but found my writing voice when I met a creative goddess by the name of Julie Jordan Scott.

I met Julie through a course that I was taking at Coachville called Winning Websites. It was a training that featured different types of coaching websites. I was struck by Julie's not only because of her writing but because she didn't have a picture of herself on it.

I returned to her website after the class eager to know more. Who was this woman? I wanted to see her, know more about her. Even though I didn't know her yet, I felt like I did, from reading the bits I found on her website. I signed up for her article writing class.

Right after I wrapped up the article writing course – and discovered I could write again (after a 20+ year hiatus from writing) – I signed up for Julie's next course, Sacred Sixty. It was my first writing circle. The prompts were perfect, the energy was light and the writing was deep (and Julie's joy and laughter were infectious).   It was love at first write, with Julie, and her community rocked. The love, support, and acceptance that I received in this circle of women was a first. I was hooked.

I stayed in the Sacred Sixty for a while and then went on to host my own writing circles. I've been hosting and participating in writing circles for the past 14 years (with some of these very same women).

This one awareness and empowerment practice – writing in a circle of women – has created huge shifts in my world. This circle of writing sisters, goddesses of creativity, was a powerful mirror that helped me grow bit by bit. It has been this sacred circle that has seen me through many challenges and growth spurts, whether it was my second divorce, starting my coaching business, caring for my disabled parents, or rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of a home fire. This Sisterhood of the Pen has been a boon and a blessing. It has been pivotal in owning my feminine power, a stepping stone to reclaiming my feminine wholeness.

Let's Craft a New Story of the Feminine

I have been known to “puhlease!” anyone claiming to be a Marketing Goddess, Coaching Goddess, 6-Figure Goddess. You know?

I love mythology, it's one of my favorite things! If we're talking about those Goddesses I'm totally onboard. After all, Sci-Fi and Fantasy are two treasured reading genres. But don't ever call me Goddess. It has not been a label I'm comfortable with. LOL! But … I'm willing (smile).

Isn't it funny how you can have such strong reactions to words, plain old words? Except they're anything but, right? Relationships have smashed ashore the cliffs of words, families have been divided over words, wars have been fought over words. Words are powerful. They have tremendous energy.

Your story – your losses and wins, your trials and triumphs – are words. You have crafted, consciously or unconsciously, the world you inhabit. What if you could craft a new story?

That's the invitation that my colleague, Jodi, and I are making. Let's take a look at where you are on the Richter scale of feminine power – let's take a picture – and let's explore how to realign and reawaken your innate feminine essence.

We're hosting a 6-week event, with daily nudges and weekly calls to expand your experience to embody the fullness of who you really are. The world needs women who are awake, aware and ready to BE the new! Ready to dance? Let's craft a new story of the feminine, one full of heart and hope, love and light! You and me, and WE.


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