August 13


Abundance Flows From Awareness

By Adela Rubio

August 13, 2011

Wild Abundance

When you experience life from the surface level of reality, it can appear to be that you are the victim of life's circumstances. You lose your job, your partner leaves you, you get sick. It might even seem like these events are out of your control.

And yet, awareness shifts as you dive into the inner realm of your experience. You often later find that there is much that you could do and that all is not set in stone. ‘Reality' is a lot more flexible than initially imagined.

As long as you are outsourcing your power, whether it's through what ‘someone' did to you or what happened to you when you were seven, you do not have access to your innate ability to be ‘at cause.' I first heard this distinction at the Landmark Forum: decide vs choose. When you decide you are selecting from a number of possible options. When you choose it is an act of personal power. No reason or justification is necessary. It just is.

You can also choose to wield this power in ALL of your life. Choose to be responsible for your level of awareness. Choose to be ‘at choice' with everything in your life. Imagine the energy that would be available for creative expression, and all manner of abundance, if you would unhook your reasons for not doing ‘x' from what happened or what could happen. You could choose to be the creative force in FULL expression, no matter what!

From this position, it doesn't matter what happened when you were twelve or what your Father said to you. You come from the aliveness of this moment, sourced dynamically by Life. I know I am asking to you make a leap, but here's all you need to do:


Notice what you're thinking. Notice how you're feeling. Just notice… the ever gushing flow of thoughts and the feelings that arise as a consequence of those thoughts. Don't feel the need to stop, control or do anything with them. Just notice the force of the thoughts moving through you, like a raging river. Notice as they quell down into a steady stream, even as you descend into a chasm of silence. Don't pick a special time to notice, notice ALL the time. Just notice, and notice, and notice. No need to go anywhere, do anything. Just notice.

A miracle happens when you watch: by and by the mind stops chattering of its own accord. And when mind stops of its own accord, there is great beauty, there is great life, radiant, vibrating, pulsating. The silence is not just the absence of thoughts – the silence is the presence of awareness. Osho

A good many ills can be addressed by this simple practice. The surface layer of living starts giving way to a deeper and truer experience. You'll begin to notice that all is well and life is grand. You'll experience the abundance of life as it moves through you, giving rise to a new way of being and a new YOU!

Abundance flows from awareness. Choose that!

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Image: Shiva Dreaming, Alice Popkorn

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